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“The salvation of the state is the watchfulness in its citizen.” – Inscription above the doorway of the Nebraska State Capitol Building.

On August 30, 2011, the Tea Party Express held a rally on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln. I took some time to explore the Capitol, where I marveled at the colorful, intricate ceramic and Venetian glass tile mosaic murals on the walls and ceilings, the marble tile floor and sculptures within. Three floor medallions represent the earth, plants, and animal life. In the arches around the circular ceiling, mosaics of the past, present, and future, activities of society and cultures are represented.

The floor mosaic represents cosmic energy. The ceiling mosaics show agriculture and native animals. On the walls, the pioneers who arrived and settled Nebraska.

I rode the confined (and somewhat claustrophobic) elevator to the Memorial Chamber 400 feet up into the tower, where I viewed the eight murals that depict the heroic enterprises in military and civic life including the Indian Wars, the Civil War, the Spanish War, and the World War. I then stepped outside to the perimeter walkway on the tower’s 14th floor where I took in breathtaking vistas of Lincoln and the plains beyond. Our state capitol buildings are among the most beautiful edifices in the country, and whenever possible, I try to get inside and poke around, camera in hand.  It’s always a satisfying and educational experience! Enjoy the photos.  To pause them, run your curser over the bottom portion of the photo.

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