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I don’t have to go any further than my inbox to find some of the smartest people out there.  Example: Dave from Dallas whose intellectual curiosity and keen observations of life could fill a book.  And might one day.

Today, he broached the topic of Creationism.  I invite you to read it and see if you also think this is one great explanation of the differences between those who value life, and those who don’t.

One of the first things I understood about Creation, when I finally got around to examining Christianity at age 26, was the evidentiary nature of parts of Genesis..  God made animals, birds, fish, etc., “each according to its kind”.. but when it came to man, it was “in His image and likeness”.  This is the biblical explanation for the fact that man knows right from wrong and animals don’t.  Man isn’t just better (further along the evolutionary scale, etc.),  He is DIFFERENT, fundamentally so, from animals, different like 1 from 0, like black from white.  Not just degree but a difference of essential nature.  He has God’s nature in him, the “image and likeness”, or as another page puts it, He has signed His name across our hearts.

This is the biblical explanation, and of course it fits the facts about our own observable human nature far better than evolution does.

The famous “talking gorilla” (sign language) understands all sorts of emotions… it will tell you when it’s sad, happy, etc, and it shares with humans many of the stimuli for feeling strong emotions.  I have seen a video in which the gorilla watches a scene from an old movie, and when the child gets on board the train to leave his mother in wartime London, the gorilla turns its back to the screen, refusing to watch, and signs “sad sad sad”.  Very intuitive, very sensitive, high comprehension.  But it does not know right from wrong in the abstract.  There is no “ought” on its mind.  I ought to do one thing and I ought not to do another…  these ideas are simply not present in the animal kingdom.  The gorilla can tell you what it wants, what makes it happy..  but it can’t verbalize abstracts, can’t approach ethics or morals.  It has a working intellect but not a working morality.

The difference between human and animal intellect is a question of degree.  The difference between human and animal morality is the difference between one and zero.  Not degree but more like an infinite difference.  The universal human knowledge of morality is in my view strong evidence of Creation, and one must bring a bias to the argument in order to dismiss this.

That bias is the anti-God bias, which is born of pride and bitterness and jealousy in the human heart, not of intellectual analysis.

And anti God is anti human, as you say.    This explains why the mass graves are always filled, the gulags are always built, in the totalitarian states that oppress religion and churches– because they don’t like the competition for the loyalty of the citizens.

Dave in Dallas