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Several times a day I check the Internet alerts I’ve set to catch items written about the Tea Party and the Tea Party Express.  This morning I read a couple by David Weigel of Slate online, who was traveling with the Newt Gingrich campaign at the Winter Park locale where we performed an impromptu rally outside the Aloma Church.

When we arrived, Ray, our driver, was instructed to park in a grassy area at the east end of the parking lot. Unfortunately for us, the grassy area was built on silt, and the weight of our bus caused its rear wheels to sink deeply into the ground, which essentially became a sinkhole.

“Oh boy”, we observed.  “This is a heck of a metaphor” — we can just predict what the media would say if they saw the Tea Party Express stuck in the mud, so to speak. We chose to look at it as a sign — no matter how deep a hole Obama was putting us in, we would get out of it, with entrepreneurship and hard work — and NOT the federal government — to get us out of it.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long.  As luck would have it, while we waited for a local wrecking company to send a tow truck to pull us out, two NEWT GINGRICH buses pulled in.  Newt was scheduled to speak to the hundreds of social conservatives gathered inside the Aloma Church where Liberty Counsel was hosting a political forum.

Reporters spilled out of the Newt press bus. Curious to see what was happening, they descended on us like bees.  A bonus story for them!

Here’s one of them, written by Weigel, who surprisingly, decided instead to focus on the rally and not our sinkhole predicament!

The Post-Fox Tea Party

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Before heading to a Newt Gingrich rally back in Orlando, I stopped briefly by Liberty Counsel’s forum, where the Tea Party Express had arrived for one rally on a hastily-planned tour.

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I counted around 60 people, not counting the press, for an outdoor event on a 80 degree Saturday. The crowd was heavy with Rick Santorum supporters. Ted St. Pierre, a Santorum volunteer and Tea Partier from Flager County, predicted that Gingrich would soon collapse and “Rick will do extremely well when the race gets to the Bible belt.” Lloyd Marcus, the Tea Party’s balladeer, sang a new version of his “Theme from New York, New York,” with lyrics about life after an Obama defeat and a line about “no ACORN thugs breaking my knees.”