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Excerpted from American Thinker

Obama Wins Georgia Ballot Challenge

By Cindy Simpson
February 4, 2012

… “Georgia represents 16 electoral votes, which Obama lost in 2008 with 47%, so an Obama win in the state was not expected, even though now he is assured of having his name included on the ballot. However, the eligibility issue is still a major concern to many citizens, and “is gaining traction in other states, too, including Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona, New Hampshire, and even Illinois,” as reported by WND.

The rest of the mainstream media, though, seemed to have gone on total blackout the last couple of weeks, neglecting to report on either the quite extraordinary subject matter of the Georgia hearings or the failure of Obama and his defense team to respectfully respond and appear in court.

Whatever one’s opinions on the constitutional definition of “natural born citizen,” the arrogance exhibited by this president and his defense attorney to the judiciary of a state, and the abject lack of reporting by the major networks and mainstream media, should trouble every citizen in the nation.

More remarkably, such behavior, especially when viewed as part of a disturbing pattern throughout this administration, should be of grave concern to members of Congress.

And the fact that Judge Malihi took note of and relied upon on the established rule of statutory construction in his earlier order, but then made assertions contrary to that principle in his final decision, should not go unnoticed by those versed in constitutional law.

Opponents of the controversial birthright citizenship practice should also take note, since Judge Malihi’s opinion further entrenches the notion that every baby born on U.S. soil, regardless of the citizenship or domicile of its parents (presumably even an “anchor baby” or “birth tourist” baby) is a “natural born” citizen.  So would have been Anwar al-Awlaki.

I wonder if the founders of the Constitution, the framers of the 14th amendment, and the Supreme Court in the case of Wong Kim Ark, ever imagined that such an idea would be considered the rule of law.  The mainstream media calls those who dare to argue otherwise “crazy” and “racist” “birthers.”

Obama may have won the Georgia ballot challenge, but the rule of law and the Constitution suffered a crippling blow. “