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Tonight on The ANDREA SHEA KING Show at 9pm ET

While 16 Americans, including US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s son Sam LaHood are being detained by the Islamist factions in Egypt, two of our American friends made it out alive.

The Rivolis  — Kay and Ron — recently made it home from a “vacation” destination that not everyone would dare travel to — Egypt.

It was during the recent TPX tour of Florida that we learned the alarming news that the musical duo had been in Egypt since January 24th.  We knew what is happening in Egypt, and worried for the Rivolis’ safety and prayed they’d get out of there alive.

They did, but not without some harrowing tales to tell.  And tonight they’ll share those with us, in an exclusive interview on The ANDREA SHEA KING Show.  You don’t want to miss this. Kay wrote on Feb. 6th,

Thank you for your prayers for our safety.  After arriving in Cairo on January 24th, we returned home at midnight last night after 30 hours of travel (several delays).  When I stepped out of the car in the driveway of my home, I knelt to my knees and kissed the ground.  I was so blessed to have been born in the United States of America and so grateful to be back home, that it no longer bothered me that the kitchen was torn out, still awaiting remodeling.  I will never look at life quite the same after this trip.  While outside the doors of our hotel, an armed guard with an AK47 was in my shadow throughout the trip.

We were reminded a million times of what we have all been fighting for.  If you ever had any doubts we can assure you, this country is well worth fighting for. As we all continue forward may we always remember that God blessed America!

The Rivoli Review performs at Beaufort, SC Tea Party Rally, Sept. 2011