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She’s GOP establishment.  Here’s what La Coulter whinnied at CPAC today:

Coulter praised New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie as the “Reagan of our day” for his bluntness and moxie in taking on his state’s public sector unions.  

Coulter praised Mitt Romney, saying “since last year Obama has gotten worse and Romney has gotten better.”  “No amount of Jakarta charm,” Coulter said “is going to get people their jobs back.”  

Coulter contrasted Romney’s electability with Newt Gingrich.  “I ask you CPACers who are you willing to stake the future of the country on?  Who can attract the most independents?”  Coulter warned that staking everything on a candidate who alienates independents “wins us nothing.”

Coulter said Democrats will label the Republican presidential candidate “dumb” or “stupid.”  “There is only one presidential candidate, who frustrates both of those…Mitt Romney.”  

Asked during the Q&A session whether she thinks Romney would repeal Obamacare if elected, Coulter responded “He will. He’s been clear on that.”  Addressing the issue of the conservative bona fides of the candidates Coulter said “There differences are matters of degree.”  

Rightwingers have prevailed she said, “There are no more Rockefeller Republicans running anymore.”