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Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz has a plan. Tune in Thursday night to find out what it is.  Here’s a hint:

Meantime, Kevin, a self described gay conservative, weighs in on Sheriff Paul Babeu’s “outing” and the Democratic machine.

Sheriff Paul Babeu: Another Gay Republican Outed When The Left Wanted Him To Be (For Maximum Political Damage)

Over the weekend, Democrats outed Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Unlike most gay Republicans (like former Senator Larry Craig and former Governor Charlie Crist), Babeu is kind of hot, in an aged-out late-90s club kid turned grown-up sort of way.

One of the absolute dumbest things the Republican Party continues to do is allow gay men to remain closeted when holding or seeking elected office — whenever something like the Babeu outing happens, I wish more than anything that the rest of the gay Republicans would just all come out together, on the same day, and completely destroy the Tolerant Left’s ability to pick them off one by one when it’s politically and strategically beneficial to the Democrat Party.

Like it is right now, when Democrats decided to bring Babeu’s dirty secrets to light as a way to discredit his testimony related to the Fast & Furious operation (timed perfectly for this bombshell to drop at the exact moment national attention’s turning to Arizona because of the upcoming primary there).

Democrats have a file on every gay man in the Republican Party ranks.  There are pictures.  There’s video.  Democrat strategists coordinate with the elite, agenda-driven media to out gay Republicans when it can create whatever scandal is needed in that moment in time to serve the Tolerant Left’s agenda. Most of these guys are being actively blackmailed by the DNC — so that when push comes to shove on some important vote, Democrats know they can call up these men and tell them they either vote against their party and constituents, or Democrats will out them in spectacular fashion and cause a big, embarrassing, life-ruining scene.

Democrats sit on information they have about gay Republicans for YEARS and YEARS, and only detonate the scandals when need be.  These are aces the DNC keeps in reserve for when they are most needed — and the Republican Party truly earns its “Party of Stupid” nickname for not addressing the fact this keeps happening.

You need to understand something:  it’s not the fact these guys are gay that ends up ruining them — because voters don’t really care that they are gay. It is always, always, ALWAYS the fact that they are perceived as liars for keeping in the closet…and through the years doing things that they almost never would have done if they had not been lying about who they really were all this time.

National Coming Out Day is in the fall, but why not have a mini-Republican Coming Out Day today (or, tomorrow, if the balloons can’t be blown up in time or the streamer store’s closed on Presidents’ Day) since the outing of Babeu has put this sort of thing in the news again.

Gay Republicans currently in office like Senators Lindsey Graham and Mark Kirk and Congressman Aaron Schock need to just come out already. Former gay office holders like Governor Charlie Crist and Senator Trent Lott need to come out too. I’m sure there are a number of lesbians in the GOP political ranks, too, but I’ve never known who any of they are. Watch Republicans who every now and again break ranks to be heralded as “bipartisan!” by stabbing the GOP in the back on certain votes — and more likely than not you’ll see a pattern where Graham, Kirk, Schock, and other guys mysteriously side against their constituents and the Republican Party  line seemingly out of the blue.

It’s not so out of the blue when you start to ask yourself, “Was this an instance where these guys voting the way Democrats wanted because Democrats threaten to out them if they don’t do what the DNC says?”.

I can testify to seeing Aaron Schock in gay bars here in Boystown and to observing Mark Kirk at Republican events where he very clearly (and aggressively) ogled male waiters and bartenders and made it pretty damn obvious he’s gay. It is an open secret these guys are gay — and you have to be deaf and blind and living under a rock to not know about Graham, Crist, and Lott.

Why continue allowing Democrats to have this blackmail operation and the ability to sporadically explode little scandals like this — whenever they choose — when all that power can be taken away by getting gay Republicans to just come out already?

The truth is, most voters don’t give a damn if these guys are gay or not. But they do end up caring when these guys are dragged out of the closet and exposed as liars, or are caught doing something terrible because they stupidly believed they could get away with it so long as they kept in the good graces of their blackmailers.

The Party of Stupid, forever earning its name…while Democrats keep building their files on these people and picking up the phone to tell them how they need to vote on important issues lest they become the next Larry Craig or Paul Babeu.

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