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Orlando, FL, March 8, 1983

It’s why we love him. Rush Limbaugh put it all into context today.  Message for Rick Santorum:  Tell them to go to hell.

Rush:  “In this speech Reagan used the word evil nine times.  He used the word good eight times, God 18 times.  He never mentioned Satan in the speech, but it’s what he meant by evil.  So that little sound bite there, we have the secularists today.  We have people who want to superintend us by government rule and regulation.  And their voices are louder and we think we’re in the minority, but we’re not.  Remember, he had won in a landslide just two years earlier.  Things haven’t changed, in terms of who the opposition is.  What’s changed is how the Republican Party is seemingly forgotten how to defeat them, as Reagan did.  In the next bite, Reagan acknowledges there is sin in the world and that we must oppose it with everything we have.”