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Jack Wheeler at To The Point News:

Zero’s threats and anger over the possibility of Obamacare’s obliteration were so unhinged that all Capitol Hill suspects someone leaked the results of the Supremes’ deliberations last Friday (3/30).  There is now little doubt who that someone is:  Justice Elena Kagan.  She has been a close confidante of Zero’s since they both taught at UCLS in the early 90s.   As his Solicitor General in the White House, she was a major supporter of Obamacare – causing demands she recuse herself.

She has refused, and now, upset over a majority of her colleagues set to overturn Obamacare, she revealed their decision in a private conversation with Zero.  This is evidently a first – a sitting Justice leaking a Court decision in advance to a President.  In the 1930s, FDR’s chief political operative, Thomas Corcoran – the legendary Tommy the Cork – was often able to sniff out a decision in advance through his vast web of connections, and give FDR a heads-up.

FDR had Tommy the Cork.  Zero has Elena the Leaker, earning the contempt of her colleagues thereby.