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Reader Comments at an article at NRO (Obama off the cuff) by Victor Davis Hanson (hat tip TWD) are saying what we’re all thinking and have been for quite some time.  If Obama is re-elected and the Democrats take over the House, we’re done for.  Period. Unfortunately, the ignorant will not be convinced.  Hanson is singing to the choir. Oh, one other thing… how is it that the media does not find it strange that everything this man says is telepromptered.  How do they not find it strange?  Spooky. Creepy.

Here’s reader Randall Flagg’s take on it:

Once again, VDH has hit a grand slam, but most of us – except the profoundly deluded and Koolaid-addled – have known Obama’s true mindset all along.

When taken together as a single body of evidence, all his scripted and non-scripted moments reveal a man who despises America and everything it stands for. I refuse to believe that he is naive, inexperienced, stupid, or anything of the sort. He doesn’t deserve, nor does he need a “benefit of the doubt” when he seems “incoherent” at times to us.

The incoherence is OURS – we simply don’t want to think our own President actually BELIEVES we are stupid enough to buy into his leftist nonsense, and we are left feeling incredulous (at best), and insulted and angry (at worst) nearly every time he opens his mouth. This man has displayed an increasingly arrogant and obnoxious lack of respect for the American public throughout, and we are wrong to over-analyze his every utterance and try to figure-out what he REALLY meant to say.

If we begin with the premise that he, his handlers, and all his cheer leaders in the media have been saying all along – that Obama truly is the smartest man to ever walk the face of the earth – then WHY would we think he doesn’t mean PRECISELY what our ears heard? Someone THAT smart, can’t be THIS dumb.

Just about every breath this man has taken in his adult life has been carefully scripted, timed, orchestrated, and choreographed. It’s time the American people come to grips with the fact that we were bamboozled, hoodwinked, coerced, prodded and entranced into putting a card-carrying communist in the Oval Office, and that #1 on his agenda has always been the weakening, dismantling and destruction of America. When we apply that prism, everything he says and does makes perfect sense.