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100 million dollars is being spent by workers’ unions in Wisconsin to recall Gov. Scott Walker.  Why?  Because Walker stuck a finger into the eye of the unions when he and the Wisconsin State Legislature passed a balanced budget that reduced — by a small percent — the taxpayer paid benefits to the public sector union workers.  The reduction was part of what restored Wisconsin to fiscal health.

Tonight on GBTV, Glenn Beck will present a documentary that tells the true story of why what happens next in Wisconsin is crucial to the rest of our country — you and me and the state in which we live.  Glenn is talking about it on his radio program this morning.  Are you tuned in?

Real News Special Report: The Truth about the Recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin


WHAT: Real News Special Report – An exclusive documentary from Ami Horowitz featuring an in-depth interview with Governor Walker.

WHY WATCH? Don’t miss one of the biggest stories in America that the mainstream media is missing. Governor Walker has literally turned around a dying state economy. He took a state deficit in the billions and turned it into a surplus. He turned the tide of jobs fleeing his state by creating one of the most welcoming environments for small businesses in the country.  Now millions upon millions of Wisconsin residents have signed petitions for his recall thanks to influence and propaganda by the unions, upset that he took away their collective bargaining.

WHAT’S AT STAKE? If the unions and left wing radicals are successful in getting Governor Walker booted out of office, no politician will take them on again…not in this lifetime.

WHEN: Live Tuesday, May 8th at 6pm ET (also available on demand)

WHERE: Real News from the Blaze available only on GBTV

HOW TO WATCH? Go to GBTV.com and start your 14 day FREE Trial with GBTV Plus. Enjoy all the programming Glenn Beck’s network has to offer. On Tuesday, May 8th at 6pm ET tune in live to Real News from the Blaze. The program will also be available on demand. If you don’t like GBTV, simply cancel any time before your free trial ends and you will not be charged.

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