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Some weeks ago, I sent out an email to all on my list that included a link to this article that appeared in American Thinker about FEMA camps, and then asked:

“What can YOU tell me about the national FEMA camps?”

“Do you have any further knowledge of this and why these have been constructed?  Does anyone?  What does “Homeland Security” (a misnomer if I have ever heard one) know that we don’t?  American Thinker is a reputable publication. This seems to be a well-researched article. What do you think???”

Many wrote back, opining on the government’s intended use for the FEMA camps.  Here’s a handful of some of the replies:

From LR.:

The FEMA Camps are dedicated and formally built detention centers coordinated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security.  I heartily agree with you statement regarding HLS “misnomer.”  These camps were originally thought of in 1971-72 by then President Nixon who developed FEMA.  The idea then, and publicly proclaimed now, is that these camps will assist in housing citizens in the event of a catastrophic event, either man-made or otherwise.

The government became all the more dedicated to this concept after Hurricane Katrina where there was so much displacement of citizens with no housing, and the government had no means to help such staggering numbers of homeless.  Sporting stadiums were first employed because of how quick they are to convert into holding areas – even placing thousands into them on the field.  Much easy to handle and control the masses with stadiums.  From this concept came the plan to actually build (and some cases refurbish military bases) FEMA Camps.

Again the public posture is like I mentioned.  The sinister side which is not discusses openly is that these “camps” are designated areas which can be opened to accept thousands of discontents and those arrested in mass arrest during civil disturbance.

These camps are in each state, and predicated on the size of the state, determines the number and locations of the camps. Almost all are located by railroad tracks for the easy transfer of citizens from one location to a camp. Most are located outside of metropolitan areas, and many are former military bases that have been decommissioned, and no longer used by the military.

Homeland Security has taken charge of every aspect, including the Call for Bids to
contractors a couple of months ago to assist with final preparations. It was a General Services Administration contract placed out to bid to contractors, and it was not Classified or anything so special as that – no need! These bids were for finishing touches, otherwise, these camps are ready to go! They are currently manned by security.

The dark side to this is that they are modern day internment camps the government of the United States intends to use against its’ own citizens in the event of need to round up said citizens.

Both political parties are fully aware of these, and you will notice NO ONE in public office talks about these.  Some of the initial citizens slated for internment would be those already identified by Homeland Security or one of HLS sub-divisions; like TSA, Secret Service, Border Patrol, Customs, various counterterrorism agencies and units, sometimes FBI; they stand alone under the Department of Justice (DOJ) but also come under the auspices of Homeland Security in certain events; citizens identified as subversive or hostile to the government; those citizens that are a threat against the new social and political order which is coming on stage before our eyes right now through Obama and his crew.

The Patriot Act passed by Bush, and a whole host of other legislation intending to control the masses have now become law and shall be employed to erase all dissension. Tea Party leaders, publicly strong Christians, any political office holder who dares to question loudly the direction of the new political order and then the coming New-World Order shall be placed in one of these camps. No trials, no appeals, no where to go if you are targeted by the government.

From SN:

There has been a lot of scuttlebutt over the last 4 years that the camps are being stocked, people being trained to operate these camps.  The official purpose is purportedly to be used in case of a national emergency, i.e., hurricane victims, major floods, etc.  There is reported a special secret military training camp in northern New York State of young college level boys being trained as a militia.

From my standpoint, I have always dismissed it as simply overzealous rumors.  According to the new world order, people – in order to have a world population that is manageable  – it can only consist of about 2.5 billion people.  The rest must be exterminated.

This is all purely conjecture as far as I know.  I keep an open mind, a watchful eye, and try not to get wrapped up into the scare tactics.  A lot of the information is being perpetrated by left wing radicals disguised as conservatives to stir up the boiling pot.  I guess the short answer is all things are possible, but, I would hope that it is just scare tactics.  If not then we have a Dr Jizago (sp) scenario on our hands.  Have you ever watched the movie “The Postman” staring Kevin Costner?  While an exaggeration, it could be quite on point if all goes down.

From M:

As citizens, we need to know the exact purpose of these camps, given President Obama’s propensity to bend our constitutional republic to his own purposes!

We agree, especially when coupled with the NDAA. About two years, we informed selected NY elected officials about this, asking for any information they could get.  Bottom line, they said their sources could find nothing.     Maybe they should hire all new sources as it was spread through the internet then (with details) and it is wide open now.  Do those sources still know nothing?

From VP:

A web search of “FEMA camps” will yield a wealth of information.

The US is on the threshold of economic collapse; the natural conclusion of all fiat money systems. Historically, all such collapses are followed by anarchy; witness the current situation in Greece. Anarchy means that the government is not in control. That is what the government is trying to prevent – a loss of control.

Peripheral goals include weeding out the “Patriot” types, population reduction, elimination of Constitutional law (to be replaced with martial law) and a reconfiguring of North America so that it will fit into a One World government.

A bright spot in the present situation is the significant portion of the population that has departed the herd and is supporting Ron Paul. With an honest system, he could win the election. He won’t win because the “System” won’t allow it. When that happens, millions of Americans will see the handwriting on the wall and realize just how corrupt the whole system is. Add to that the fact that many of those millions are unemployed and homeless (foreclosures) and you have the making of another armed revolution. The people in power know this and are preparing accordingly.

About 95% of what the federal government does is unConstitutional, including DHS and TSA. Because the American people are rapidly figuring this out, the gov has accelerated their plans.