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Big Fur Hat at I Own The World:

My prediction?
Obama will say nothing, neither will the press, and the left-wing blogosphere will continue calling us knuckle-dragging Neanderthals and the elite right-wing blogosphere will agree while they sniff and huff and harumph that we have so much more to nail Obama on rather than focus on this non-issue, a non-issue that Obama has been paying millions to dodge, and Mom and Pop Front Porch will never see or hear anything about this story, just like all the other stories that they we’re supposedly nailing Obama on.

Pump the shit out of this until the administration has to go on record with ANY statement. Then we chip away at that, and so on and so on.
This is how we nailed Elizabeth Warren.

But Red State, Hot Air, AoS, and even Breitbart, all of them, refuse to give him the Elizabeth Warren treatment for fear of looking ignorant.

WHO CARES!!!!????!!!!!

You’re a knuckle-dragger until death in the eyes of the left anyway, and the right isn’t going to laugh at you for trying to oust Obama.

So who the hell are you afraid of???

(PostScript from Menderman):

I really don’t even consider “Hot Air” to be a conservative site(since Michelle Malkin left).

It’s basically just a clearing house for Beltway political chatter.

The commenters are almost all conservative but the main poster/moderators are just wimp-ass, faux-conservative political wonks.