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1991 Promotional Booklet states: “Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Those of us who have had legitimate concerns about Obama’s eligibility for the office of President now have additional reason to be concerned, see Breitbart.com.  But our attempts to get at the truth have been repeatedly stifled by such notables as Bill O’Reilly of Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” complicity on the part of the media in general if not outright malicious denigration of our inquiries.  I am not a “birther,” as an American citizen and having rendered 30 years service in the protection of this great nation, I want the truth; and absent uncontestable and verifiable information, legitimate questions remain unsettled. Upon inquiry, U.S. Representative, Jeff Miller of Florida District #1 made it plain to me that the President had posted his birth certificate, notwithstanding overwhelming evidence that it is fraudulent, and in his less that incisive mind that settled it as far as he was concerned.  No wonder we have problems with Washington. Representatives listen to evident lies then piously intone, “the President has posted his birth certificate.”

Mr. Miller, Northwest Florida didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

I no longer have an interest to serve in the Congress as I did when I ran in the farcical, predetermined Republican primary of 2001 to fill the vacancy created by Joe Scarborough when Joe abandoned the seat he had only recently been re-elected to represent. But as one political ad that is currently circulating in Escambia County, states: “It’s Time.” Well, it’s time for someone with more than political careerism’s prostituting effect, which Mr. Miller has plainly stated that he ascribes to, to replace the ten year incumbent.

At this point one wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Miller has not succumbed to and engaged in substantial self-serving money making schemes visited by the Congress upon itself.  Among others they belly up to the trough with regular annual automatic pay increases or insider financial trading. This while our fighting men and women suffer the deprivations, hardships and dangers of military service and too many of their families “scrounge” for their next meals or must resort to food stamps.

Miller’s response to my inquiry about the status of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate reveals a metastasized political malignancy that should be unacceptable to any thinking American, whether it is in Florida’s U.S. District #1 or anywhere else.  This most recent revelation is not only upsetting, it is another outrage. One supposes that their tactic is to keep Americans outraged to the point that we begin to become jaded and allow the obvious to pass. If there is a willing aspirant out there, here’s to challenging Miller and bring a breath of fresh air to Northwest Florida.

An article, titled, “The Vetting – Exclusive – Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’” by Joel B. Pollak, posted 17 May 17, 2012 on Breitbart.com, reveals a copy of a promotional booklet from 1991 in which it states, “Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” If it were not for a number of other sources including:

  • the Kenyan Ambassador who asserted that Obama was born there,
  • his Kenyan grandmother asserted that she was present at his birth in Kenya,
  • a YouTube video in which Obama states that he was born in Kenya,
  • the absolutely fraudulent birth certificate that Obama posted on the White House website (like he has taken the liberty to edit the biographies of earlier Presidents on the official site),
  • and, the challenge pending before the Supreme Court in Keyes v. Obama, perhaps this additional piece of information would be just that, something that Obama defending deniers would simply deny and that would be the end of it.
  • Or, as his Literary agent now claims, it was a simple editing error that there was never any information from Obama that stated he was born in Kenya. There are just a few little, itty, bitty problems with that:o where did they get the information about Kenya,
    o the agency Dyster & Goderich maintained that information on its website until April 2007, two months before Obama announced his candidacy for the Presidency.
    o And, does thinking human being believe that Obama was unaware of the so called, “mistake” and let just it ride? Get serious.

I had earlier accepted that statements of officials of the State of Hawaii that they had personally observed his birth certificate and that he was born there, and have remained silent. But with this latest, one is compelled to wonder. Are we Americans collectively so naïve that this mounting evidence means nothing? Do Americans now choose to ignore the Constitution out of convenience, fear or political correctness…just as Obama does and/or would have them do?  If this had been G.W. Bush would the reaction be the same? Doubtful! No wonder Bush’s popularity continues to grow…and I am not a fawning fan of compassionate conservative (read closet socialist) G.W. who did more to advance that cause than his predecessor…but definitely not his successor who duplicitously advocates “complete change.”

The evidence is mounting, and it is important that this matter be settled. If the Congress in the person of Mr. Miller or any other member or members would grow a set and man-up, there would be a political challenge beyond the extant political campaign…which one suspects would wet its pants along with all the other Republican girly-men rather than fight the issue. Their lame, as some would say weakd__k argument would be that it is a distraction from the central issue of the economy; no…it is not a distraction, it is fundamental to any campaign to remove him. Even “venerated” Tom Brokaw of the so called mainstream media acknowledged in an interview with Charlie Rose after the Obama nomination that “we don’t know anything about Obama.” Actually, there is increasingly abundant information, the question is, when will Americans pay attention to it? How about NOW?!

Semper Fidelis
Bob Pappas

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