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Late last night, I was reading I Own the World, when I came across this:

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Friday, May 25th Is “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”

Brett Kimberlin is a convicted bomber, perjurer and left-wing attack dog. He’s attacked — in no particular order — conservative bloggers like Andrew Breibart, PattericoLiberty ChickAaron WorthingStacy McCain and others.

Here’s a short, easy to follow video I put together on Kimberlin:



It’s referencing a post by blogger Stacy McCain in which he wrote of the harassment he is undergoing by someone named Brett Kimberlin, who sounds like one unsavory dude, whose modus operandi is to use the legal system to make life absolute misery for anyone daring to point out his criminal past.

In fact, the harassment has gotten so bad for McCain, he’s had to move his family to an undisclosed location because of the numerous threats to their safety by this Kimberlin character.

This morning Michelle Malkin emailed me asking for help in pushing back against this thug:

Over the past eight years that I’ve been blogging and operating Internet media companies, I’ve witnessed or experienced firsthand some of the most unhinged behavior against conservatives — from individual harassment andintimidation, to e-mail bombs and e-mail hackings, to troll infestations,distributed denial of service attackscoordinated spam block attacks, and death threats.

Over the past twenty years that I’ve worked in daily opinion journalism, written books, and traveled across the country speaking in every type of venue, I’ve always believed that the most effective response to attempted censorship of conservatives is more speech, not less.

More. Louder. Bolder.

For conservatives online, it is also a time-tested truism that there is great strength in numbers. When bloggers, activists, video content creators, and Twitter users on the Right unite behind common principles — fighting jihadi propaganda, exposing corruption, calling out media bias, following the progressive money trail, holding the Republican Party’s feet to the fire, etc. — we can accomplish uncommon things.

Over the past year, Aaron Walker (who blogged as “Aaron Worthing”),PattericoLiberty Chick, and now Stacy McCain have been targeted by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin because they dared to mention his criminal past or assisted others who did. The late Andrew Breitbart warned about Kimberlin and company.

I have spoken directly with both Patterico and Aaron about their ongoing battles.

The mainstream press, not just the conservative blogosphere, needs to hear and report their stories.

This is a convoluted, ongoing nightmare that combines abuse of the court system, workplace intimidation, serial invasions of privacy, perjury, and harassment of family members. McCain was forced to move with his family out of his house this week, and has just gotten a small taste of what Aaron and Patterico have been enduring over the past year. Aaron and his wife were fired from their jobs after their employer feared the office would be targeted next. Convicted bomber Kimberlin has filed bogus “peace orders” against Aaron, when it is the Walkers who are the victims, not the perpetrators.

And Patterico’s plight will send chills up your spine when he is ready to tell it.

Institutional inertia, incompetence, and apathy among law enforcement officials on both coasts have exacerbated the victims’ suffering. It has moved far beyond a partisan or political story to a bottomless, Kafka-esque morass. And, via investigative journalist Matthew Vadum, it certainly doesn’t help that“progressive,” left-wing foundations that have funded Kimberlincontinue to look the other way.

Ted Frank at Point of Law summed it up: “A scary tale of what can go wrong if one makes the wrong enemy of someone willing to persistently abuse the civil and criminal legal system, and how poorly the legal system protects those victims.”


Malkin is urging ALL bloggers to get involved.

For those of you who are old fogies in the blogosphere, you’ll remember the “blogburst” concept — hundreds of bloggers of all sizes getting together to push an idea or action item. In this case, a blogburst would raise the cost of the online terrorists’ speech-squelching business immensely. It’s a collective show of support and force.

Along those same lines, Stranahan has proposed that Friday be “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.”
Even a simple link, e-mail, or tweet will do.

I will join and I hope you will find a way to spread word about this horrifying saga, too (it gets worse, believe me). The targeted victims — past, present, and future — will need not only media support, but sustained financial support. A few good and brave philanthropists could come in handy right about now. Send me an email if you can help.

Telling the truth on the Internet shouldn’t mean risking your job or your life, or the well-being and safety of your loved ones. Make your voices heard if you agree.

Look for this post to reappear at the top of this page on Friday.  Let’s unite with our fellow bloggers against those who will stop at nothing to stifle free speech.

By Radiopatriot

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    Friday, May 25th Is “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”

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    Brett Kimberlin is a convicted bomber, perjurer and left-wing attack dog. He’s attacked — in no particular order — conservative bloggers like Andrew Breibart, Patterico, Liberty Chick, Aaron Worthing, Stacy McCain and others.

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