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Several conservative bloggers have chosen to go dark today in protest.  They’re posting this as a show of solidarity instead.

But I choose to post, and am with the sentiments of Pete Da Tech Guy, who writes:

Hi Guys:

I’m not joining the day of silence (it’s what the other side wants) but I do have the following Kimberlin post http://datechguyblog.com/2012/06/08/speaking-of-1st-amendment-rights-lets-talk-kimberlin-co/

One of the real questions that has been asked: “Why are such prominent names on the left funding this guy?” I think the answer is easier than people think

It’s my opinion that the reason why Kimberlin is being enabled, defended and financed by the left is not because they believe he’s changed, it’s because they believe he hasn’t.

The idea is to have someone who can do the dirty work that they don’t want to soil their hands on. The left would LOVE to bring right leaning blogs down, but they don’t want to acknowledge them while doing so. Kimberlin is the perfect choice for such a task. He has the history cunning and willingness to use tactics that the more prominent folks on the left can’t risk. His 501(c)3 gives them plausible deniability in terms of actions and most importantly if something goes wrong he can be discarded with denials all around. A prospect is becoming more likely day by day.

as for not staying silent:

It’s my opinion that our silence is what our foes want, I see no logic in giving them what they want even for a day, as protest, but I have no problem if others think differently.

Things being how they are I might not have time for a lot of other posts, but with new polls showing Obama behind in Michigan, Florida, Colorado & Minnesota that deserves attention is only to laugh out loud at the left’s panic.

If that’s not worth a post today I’d like to know what is?

Speaking of 1st amendment rights I’ll be covering the local Stand up for our religious freedom rally


Hope to have photos and video up later today

Take care
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