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Hiatus:  (Latin); A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.

I’m taking a little break — a “hiatus” — for the next week or two while I travel to Seattle to help my mother-in-law get established in her new residence.  The activities of the last four months are coming to their natural conclusion in a bittersweet way.

After Seattle, I’ll be taking another trip  — this one to Massachusetts for a June 29th Memorial Mass and Celebration of Life for my own Mom who left us on May 26th.

And then…  a road trip with my friend and weekly show guest Elizabeth Letchworth (Gradegov.com) as we head to Cowboy Stadium in Dallas for Glenn Beck’s 3-day Restoring Love Event.

So amidst trundling my brand new sleek black TravelPro Crew luggage (thanks to my DH) and matching “city bag” thru airports and hotels, I’ll occasionally schedule shows to catch up with you, and will alert you here and/or with an email to let you know when.

Meanwhile, check in here at The Radio Patriot, my Facebook page, and Twitter for updates.  So, til then, here’s Frankie to entertain you…