Dave from Dallas writes:

For your consideration–

At each election, Democrats go crazy with their ‘get out the vote’ machinery. Buses, ‘street money’, free food and cigarettes and people going door to door and so forth. Perhaps I am the first to ask, but… what if they used that level of effort  to help the people who don’t have voter identification to GET some voter identification?

“You took me down to the polls for the last ten elections, now take me down to the DMV once, so I can get my ID.”

In a very short time, every single poor black person who doesn’t have ID could get it. So… why is it Democrats are blocking voter ID laws? Only one reason. To protect the ability to commit fraud.

If the problem is that they don’t have ID and it’s hard for them to get it, HELP THEM GET IT. But of course, with voter ID laws in place, after they get ID, they will only be able to vote ONCE. Seems to me like that is the real Democrat problem with voter ID.

The names, lives, stories of these people who cannot get ID are not to be told.  The left just wants us to vaguely imagine some person living under poverty (inflicted because of slavery and racism), with a poor education (because of slavery and racism), low income (because slavery and racism destroyed any opportunity they might have had), and unable to enjoy the benefits of our modern society (built on the backs of slaves). They are manipulating public guilt.  Eric Holder says this is a civil rights issue, to allow people to vote without ID.  But if not having an ID was a terrible burden unfairly placed on these few suffering people, you’d think Democrats would rush off and help them get IDs, just to solidify the Democrat position as the party of the little guy and the black man. After all, it isn’t DIFFICULT to get ID, especially if your “parental collective” (the Democrat party) uses its huge street mobilization capability to get the job done. But it SUITS them to let that (probably non-existent) vague example of a person just sit out there in misery, suffering needlessly just so when elections come, no pollworker will ask ANY person to show ID.   And this is significant; how many people, after all, are we talking about? A thousand people in each state, five thousand, more or less, too poor and miserable to manage to get ID? I think my guess is far too high.  But let’s stipulate it for discussion purposes.

The result of this determination to prevent that small number of people from having their right to vote impeded is a voting system that CANNOT ask ANYONE for proof of who they are!!

For the sake of a few thousand people in a state, EVERYBODY in that state can participate in voter fraud?  MILLIONS of people are potential fraudulent voters, for the sake of these miserable few who are kept in stasis by Democrats as a sort of “display example” of slavery-caused suffering and civil rights issues?  Are they in some insane ZOO, being deliberately fed, watered and maintained in the 19th century “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” exhibit by their Democrat masters, to shame their adversaries into concessions?  Um, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Note to Holder:  SHUT UP, GET THEM ID, GET THEM INTO THE SYSTEM. And slam shut the wide open door of voter fraud, Mr. Attorney General in charge of JUSTICE in this country.

Truth is, there is probably NOBODY without ID, because so many government assistance programs require it to register for aid.  SNAP, which is food stamps, says so on its web page.  Bring ID, like a driver’s license or state ID card, it says.  PHOTO identification.  It is virtually inconceivable that these same people who “cannot get ID” because of their severe social circumstances also cannot get government aid because they have no ID.  This whole thing is probably itself a fraud.  We all know that Democrat electioneers know EVERY SINGLE VOTER, and everything about every single voter, at least on the Democrat side. They work elections HARD, with a ton of effort and a huge database. They already know who these people are, where they live… if they even exist.

And if they do, why, Democrats could get them all ID in a week. Instead, we are told every election year that they cannot get ID, that it’s too hard, and so for the sake of their civil right to vote, they shouldn’t have to present ID.  But what about MY civil right not to have my vote nullified by a FRAUDULENT vote?