In response to the post below titled “As we celebrate our independence…” a reader left a comment with link. It led me to his piece at Freedom Rings 1776 which I am happy to introduce to you and reposted below.  It’s an opposing point of view from that offered by Stephani Scruggs in her letter to Armchair Generals.  This one also is well worth the read…


Time grows short. Our Presidential election is but a few months away and even if we win we lose. We all fear a digitally rigged election, people being bused from poll to poll for multiple votes requiring no ID, the dead of this nation rising from their graves to vote for Hussein, and thugs from Unions, ACORN, and the New Black Panthers out in force in an effort to incite violence and create an aura of fear among those who oppose another term for the Marxist. Do you still believe that this is the land of the free? Do you still believe your vote counts?

During the Viet Nam war a story of a hero of the NVA found its way south, probably from a POW. It told of a group of North Vietnamese soldiers pushing a piece of artillery up a path on a mountainside. They lost control of it and it began to roll backwards. One dedicated soldier made a most unusual choice. He threw himself under a wheel and stopped the runaway weapon. He was naturally killed. I know how that little man felt and why he did what he did.

At my age I am most certainly too old to be pushing a howitzer up the side of a  mountain. Today, the only weapons available to me are my words, and as my country continues its backward roll I feel that I have not yet done enough, but as long as I breathe I will not admit defeat. When my very words become a crime then I shall once again take up arms in defense of America, and unlike many of my fellow Americans I can readily identify the enemies of freedom.

It was only recently when all conservative American were praying the the Supreme Court would overturn ObamaCare.They did not. We may never know the full story behind the fifth vote that granted victory to Obama. Some say that Chief Justice Roberts sold out, some say that he was intimidated, while others proclaim a silver lining in our defeat and believe that he is playing a masterful gave of chess, angering Americans enough to rally them behind Romney and Republican Senators. Whatever the motive, it is done. It is cast in stone and we must move on to the other problems at hand.

In the title of this treatise I used the phrase “Seething Cauldron.” I feel those words are well chosen, for never in the history of this nation have we faced so many problems on so many fronts. Until now World War Two was the greatest endeavor ever undertaken by the people of America. We engaged three enemies across two oceans and the cost in lives and treasure was staggering. Oh, to have such simple problems again. Those problems were real. They were definite and easily identified. Those same problems were faced and eliminated by a united people. And that is brings us to two of the problems we face today. America lacks unity and we have not identified the obstacles before us.

Part of the American public still live in fantasy land. They have not seen a problem with Hussein Obama, they too still blame Bush for the things going wrong. The primary reason this is so is our Progressive media. They have become nothing more than purveyors of propaganda. I am not a politically correct person and so I shall be frank. They are liars and traitors, and in their lofty position as those who shape public opinion they are the single greatest danger we face. Had they done their job they would have hounded the communists and Progressive out of Washington a long time ago.

They did not, and they will not! Even our old ally Fox News has sold out. Hannity still makes his “guests” look like fools and O’Reilly shouts down those who dare seek the limelight  on his show, but that is all circus to keep conservative viewers in the audience. Meanwhile they are soft on Obama’s eligibility issues and they rally support for overthrowing strong man regimes and replacing them with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Behind the media, on the list of most dangerous, are the Progressives. Many would argue that Obama is our biggest danger. He is not. He is a fluke and an arrogant fool that would never have found his way into national politics had not the Progressive movement already paved the way. For a century they have slowly, meticulously, and with great cunning, set the stage for the downfall of this nation and the rise of socialism. They have through patience and perseverance slowly changed the laws and attitude of Americans, and they have steadily eroded all things that made America exceptional.

To all who see Obama as our greatest danger I offer you a challenge. Envision if you will a victory in November. Let’s call it a great victory, lo let’s make it a true landslide. Picture in your mind a graceful harmonious acceptance of that defeat on the part of Hussein. Let’s go still further and rule out any chance of rioting, looting and burning as a protest about getting a black man out of office, and we may as well toss in no Lame Duck damage done on the part of the regime. Sounds nice does it not? First off, even if Obama is defeated, none of the above niceties are going to happen but even if they do we still lose. Once again we will be on the old tried and true Progressive road to hell.

We will once again have another Progressive President owing a greater loyalty to the New World Order than to the nation that elected hm. We will still have Progressive teachers and professors brainwashing the young. The quasi government group, the Federal Reserve, will still control the purse strings of this nation and keep its people hostage. The media will continue with their devious ways in their effort to keep Americans in the dark. Treaties we have signed with the UN will still be in force. Our debt will be as large as ever and still growing. Islam will still be an ever increasing menace opposed only by a President who sees no wrong in the ways of Allah. Romney, while governor, enacted his own version of socialized medicine, he believes in socialized medicine and we are not going to change his thinking on the subject. He still wants to repair our “Broken” immigration system, and that always means more accommodations to those who are in our nation illegally and still more who will come.

I could go on and on but there is no need. In 2008 Americans were already programmed to accept a Messiah, and they chose one. Now they long for the good old days when the Progressives of both Parties were in charge. Many want to ditch Obama and get off the fast road to hell and replace him with a Progressive who will put on the brakes and steer us over to the slow road to hell. The main difference between Marxists and Progressive is the pace at which they proceed.

While I list the dangers to America I’ll have to let you know in advance that Hussein Obama is number four. The number three slot goes to the American public. They in their passivity have allowed the Progressive movement to gain so much power. Most of the electorate lack an understanding of economics i.e.: money and to the bulk of Americans wealth is the result of running a printing press that is controlled by the government. They lack the ability to understand that wealth is produced as a result of effort and accomplishment but they know full well that money is a necessarily part of day to day life, and so they vote for the politician that promises to put more of it into their pockets. Few are even aware that there is a heavy price tag placed on “Government money.” It always entails a loss of freedom. Some are willing to pay that price. I cannot afford it.

And now, I leave Obama at the bottom of the list where he belongs. He must be replaced. Of that there is no doubt. This nation will not last another four years with him in charge, but he is only the tip of the iceberg on which this nation crashes. He is a symptom of what is wrong with America, not the cause. His defeat will not be a victory, but only the first of many battles that must be fought and won, else “The Land Of The Free” will disappear from our language.

To those who are content to remain in their recliner, watching TV and drinking beer while leaving the future of our descendants to others I offer this thought: Stay in that recliner. You do not belong with us. You are craven and you don’t want to make waves. That’s alright. We have now reached the point that making waves is no longer enough. We need to turn the damn boat over and leave it to those who reach the shore to build a new boat.

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