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A message to my Florida neighbors:

I am so sick of establishment politicians.  I’ve traveled the country on the bus with the Tea Party Express and I know that many Americans feel the same way — sick and tired of the same old same old, the career politicians — the ruling elite —  who have taken us down this road to ruin and now have the audacity to ask for our vote so they can “fix the problem” they created.  Bah!

Here in Florida we have an opportunity to change that, and put a solid conservative in the US Senate who will push back against the bullcrap that’s been going on under Democrat Harry Reid and his ruling elite accomplices on BOTH sides of the aisle.

Many “early endorsers” in Florida  — like GOP establishment blue blood Jeb Bush — have anointed the son of longtime politician Connie Mack as the heir apparent of the GOP Primary for U.S. Senate.

Gee, is this the first time Party establishment elites have hand-picked one of their own and expect Republican voters to fall in line with their choice?

Imagine how would you feel today if the Republican-establishment-endorsed Charlie Crist were representing you in the U.S. Senate today instead of the grassroots’ candidate Marco Rubio?

As you fill out your absentee ballot, early voter form or your electronic entry on Aug. 14, please remember how important it is that we nominate someone who can stand strong against the career politicians in the Senate, especially and including Democrat and Obama-supporter Bill Nelson.

It isn’t often that I can vote with enthusiasm and confidence for someone I trust will represent my best Constitutional interests.  For once, I now have one!  Hallelujah!

Dave Weldon of Melbourne, FL, a medical physician and someone I’ve known for quite some time, has entered the US Senate race to represent the people of Florida because he believes his primary opposition is not a true conservative who will fight for limited government, fiscal responsibility and Constitutional principles.  Dr. Weldon will.  Because he is a physician, Weldon knows from experience how critical it is to repeal “ObamaCare”, the Affordable Health Care Act, and put the federal government out of the health care business.

During Dr. Weldon’s service in the U.S. House, his voting record was nearly impeccable. His opponent, the Republican establishment candidate, has missed 45% of the votes taken.  When the House Leadership needed someone to champion a cause on the floor, Dave Weldon was the one they’d ask to go toe-to-toe with the meanest debaters the Democrats could throw into the fray. When was the last time you saw his GOP hand-picked competition winning (or even leading) a floor debate? To the contrary, he hasn’t, and continues to run away from every debate in this campaign.

Please give serious consideration to placing your support with Dr. Dave Weldon. Please don’t cast your important vote in this key election on someone who won’t stand up to the career elites or represent “We the People” according to Constitutional principles. This might be the last chance we have to get it right, to get back to what our founders intended: limited government, fiscal responsibility, and fidelity to the Constitution.

Join me in casting your vote for Dave Weldon on August 14th.  And tell Jebbie, Karl, and the Beltway boys that we’re not having any more of what they’re shoving down our throats to protect their power and bank accounts.

Here’s what qualifies Dr. Dave Weldon for Senate…

TOP 10 REASONS to VOTE for Dave Weldon

Not a Career Politician
Are you tired of men and women making their careers o of the backs of taxpayers? Well, so are we! Washington was never meant to be a career, but rather a temporary service and even hardship for our representatives. George Washington had to actually borrow money to go to his own inauguration (which, by the way, he paid back). Dr. Weldon is a physician with his own private practice. He knows the difficulties of making a payroll while being bombarded by regulations from Washington, D. C. He retired after being elected 7 times by his district with an average of almost 60% of the vote. He will not only represent himself as a business owner, but will also represent the freedom- loving citizens of Florida.

Stop Obamacare!
Get as angry as you want (you deserve to be), but the truth is, it’s never easy to undo what the elitists have done. The income tax was supposed to be temporary. It has now grown to an out-of-control bullying arm of the federal government that has currently been given power to enforce Obamacare. NO ONE can debate Obamacare better than Dr. Weldon. As a matter of fact, Connie Mack has run from Dr. Weldon on every level when it comes to discussing Obamacare. Mack will run from debating in the U.S. Senate as well. As a doctor, Dave will be leading the charge in the U.S. Senate to appeal Obamacare next year before it goes into effect.

We Must Defeat Obama/Nelson
The emperor has no clothes, and like the child in the story, we’re going to tell the truth: We all know that Connie Mack isn’t a credible threat to Bill Nelson. He’s barely moved in the polls since he started running over a year ago (and even that tiny move was due to Obamacare – not Mack!) Connie Mack will actually suppress the vote in November, not energize it. Dr Weldon, with his knowledge, experience and character is the candidate feared most by the Democrats. He will help bring the conservative vote out to beat not only Bill Nelson, but Obama as well. Winning in November starts with winning on August 14th!

Integrity Matters
We all know that a politician can say whatever they want to get elected, and as soon as they’re in, you wouldn’t even recognize them. That’s where integrity comes in. You may not agree with Dr. Weldon on every issue, but you will always know where he stands and how he will vote – ALWAYS. You can be secure in the knowledge that he is not going behind your back in back-room meetings and selling our freedoms – one deal at a time.

Walk the Walk
We’ve seen what happens to the structure of our country when the structure of our families deteriorates. It’s a fact: social policies drive fiscal policies. We need role models who espouse the importance of marriage and family. Dr. Weldon has been married for 32 years with two children. Whether a vow to uphold the Constitution or a vow to his bride – vows are important.

The People’s Choice
We hear it over and over again: “I’m tired of the establishment candidate!” Dave wasn’t selected by a small group of “royalty” Republicans, and he isn’t riding his family name into office. Dave has earned all of his credentials through hard work and dedication, and his campaign’s rise in the polls is the product of conservative, grassroots efforts from all around Florida – including our Republican friends.

Winners Pick Winners
Yes, we’ll admit Dr. Weldon got into the race after everyone else. He was hoping that a conservative would rise to the top to beat Democrat Bill Nelson. That didn’t happen. Unfortunately, a few great organizations had already endorsed before Dave filed. But, that’s OK – we understand. The many that waited have now come on board: Phyllis Schlafly (Eagle Forum), Gov. Sam Brownback, Concerned Women for America, Mat Staver (Liberty Council), David Barton, Citizens United, and many, many others. Thank you!

We’re in the battle of our lives. Every day the good representatives in D.C. are fighting for the people they represent. Congressman Connie Mack (an opponent of Dr. Weldon) isn’t there fighting for anything – he hasn’t shown up for 45% of his votes this year. Not Dr Weldon. Before Dr. Weldon retired from Congress, he was a regular on the House floor – fighting for his district, debating the issues, and more importantly – winning. He has PROVEN beyond a shadow a doubt that he knows how to get things done.

Battle Ready
Obama and Nelson have been preparing for years to win this election in November. Dave Weldon has been preparing his whole life. His primary opponent, Connie Mack, is so unprepared for the public spotlight that he refuses to go head to head with Dr. Weldon. How is he going to go head to head with Nelson? Connie Mack Jr. is not ready for Obama/Nelson machine – Dr. Weldon is.

People Want to Kill Us
It’s a cold hard fact – we’re at war. Not just in Iraq, but on our own soil. It’s a war that we can’t win without leaders who understand freedom, the military and sacrifice. Dr. Weldon spent 6 years on active duty in the U.S. Army, and later spent 8 years in the Reserves, achieving the rank of Major. He understands what it means to serve our country. He understands what it means to sacrifice now to achieve something better in the future.

(321) 431-0311 www.DaveWeldonforSenate.com
1900 So. Harbor City Blvd. Suite 323 Melbourne, FL 32901