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Saturday July 29, 2006 — I launched my very first blogsite — The Radio Patriot — on Blogger. Headlining my first post, appropriately enough, “Inaugural Post”, it was the first of 2,702 that I would write in the course of the next three years.

I had been hosting my radio shows for several years, and it was Dave “ThirdWaveDave” Logan who encouraged me to expand my reach via blogging. I had plenty of writing experience — wrote a weekly column for Florida TODAY for several years, feature articles as the senior editor for Space Coast Living Magazine, and wrote scripts for TV, reports for corporate America, and so forth. So I wasn’t intimidated by the writing aspect of blogging. What daunted me was the technicality of blogs. But I shouldn’t have worried. Blogger and Dave’s instructions made it easy, and once I had selected my site’s “look”, I was off and running.  Until…

… October, 2009 —  all of a sudden and without warning, my blog was no longer there. Gone. Disappeared into the ether. Nowhere to be found. I panicked. More than three years of chronicling was gone. I tried everything I knew to retrieve and restore it, but Blogger had other ideas. The Radio Patriot existed no more.

After crying in my beer a few days, I launched another blog, this time here on WordPress, where I’ve been ever since.

So why am I telling you this?

Because last night when I was visiting Dave “ThirdWaveDave’s” site, just for the helluvit while I read one of his older posts, I clicked on a link he had attached to a post on my Blogger site.  

Whoa! The link took me to the referenced post at the original Radio Patriot. What the hell just happened? I wondered aloud. Whoa! again. Where the heck has this been?  

So I gingerly poked around on my old site, and sure enough, there was The Radio Patriot in its entirety, all three-plus years worth of blogposts. The sidebar blogroll was “alive” with the most recent postings of those bloggers listed. The BlogTalkRadio player still functioned, playing back my latest shows. What the??? Huh?

I printed off a couple of posts I wanted to keep, before leaving the site up as an open tab on my computer overnight.

This morning I revisited it, and read some more posts I had written, specifically the early ones. Then I went to the sidebar, clicked on the last and most recent one I had posted (the Thomas Sowell piece) at the end of October 2009, and suddenly, the blogsite disappeared again, giving me the familiar — and dreaded — message:

What???!!! Oh no!  It’s gone again. Disappeared. Poof!

Can anyone, ANYONE, tell me what happened?  Why I was able to “see” my former blog?  It was not a cached version by the way.  The entire blog was up and alive.

Very mysterious…