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Dr. Jack Wheeler has a new report out — I’m excerpting it below.  Listen to the rest of it Jack’s report tonight on my radio program, which also will feature TV producer Gordon Gebert and his latest project that the networks DON’T want you to see.

Lively, fast paced, funny, Gordon Gebert, whose TV program was written up in The Blaze last Monday, is going to jump right in at the top of the hour,  so don’t be late!

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From Jack Wheeler at To The Point News:

We end with the week’s best news – that would be Mitt Romney going lex talionis.

We’ve been waiting, praying, dying for this, folks.  In 2008, little Johnny McPain, the great war hero, was a total limp-wristed wimp out wuss who didn’t have the gonads to kick Zero in his.  All of us have been begging for Romney not to be the same.  This week we saw he’s not.

Romney Campaign Decides to Take the Gloves Off is the headline on Buzzfeed (7/18).  Romney Lays the Wood to Obama, is Powerline’s (7/18).  Romney Hits His Stride as Obama’s Options Dwindle, is the Boston Herald’s (7/20).

Lex talionis it is:  an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, call me a liar and a felon, Zero, and I’m going to rip your guts out.  Want my tax returns for the last umpteen years?  Where the heck are your college transcripts, you C-average affirmative action fraud.  That’s what’s coming.

This is great timing, just when it turns out that the latest CBS/NYTimes poll on Wednesday (7/18) shows for the first time (Zero has always been ahead before) a Romney-Zero dead heat – after Zero has spent $100 million over the last several months in attack ads savaging, insulting, and demeaning Romney.  That’s $100 million down the drain, blown, gone with the wind, with nothing to show for it.

Maybe summer will be fun after all.  Meantime, have a great summer weekend, y’all.