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Why would you think otherwise?

A new Gallup poll of America’s veterans shows former Governor Mitt Romney with a sizable lead over President Obama. The poll shows that veterans prefer Romney over Obama 58% to 34%.

 Why are veterans overwhelming supporting Governor Romney instead of the current commander in chief? Simply put – policy. The Obama administration stands for policies that most veterans oppose.

President Obama has a poor record of looking out for America’s military men and women and our veterans. In 2009 President Obama proposed fee hikes for disabled veterans using VA Hospitals and clinics. Even Democrats in Congress recognized that this President was breaking faith with our wounded warriors and organized against his draconian plans.

More recently, this President has staunchly supported efforts to hike the monthly insurance fees which military retirees pay. After a lifetime of service veterans shouldn’t have to sacrifice more than what they already have – unfortunately, this President disagrees. Efforts by Congressional Republicans to halt the President’s fee hikes drew a veto threat from President Obama.

President Obama has demonstrated his lack of commitment to our men and women in uniform by zealousy supporting efforts to lay off (separate from service) more than 125,000 troops from the ranks. The president has described his efforts to thin the ranks as if America were an out -of-shape has-been trying to lose weight in the gym:

“Yes, our military will be leaner, but the world must know the United States is going to maintain our military superiority with armed forces that are agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies and threats,”Obama said.

Further, this president’s efforts to hollow out our military force are eerily reminiscent of post-Vietnam efforts by former President Jimmy Carter to save. President Obama has signed into law $1.2 TRILLION in cuts to our national defense. These cuts would produce the following results (by service component):

ARMY. Today the Army is 569,400 strong. Under cuts already enacted their strength will be cut to 481,000 and if $1 trillion dollar cuts are enacted, as required by sequestration, the Army will shrink to 426,000. This means nearly 150,000 soldiers separated and a force below pre-9/11 levels insufficient to respond to contingencies.

NAVY. Navy plans call for 313 ships. Today it has 288 ships. CBO has said the Navy will not reach its goal if average funding levels continue. Under cuts already enacted, the fleet will shrink to roughly 263 ships. Under trillion dollar cuts the Navy will shrink to less than 240 ships-the smallest Navy in nearly 100 years.

AIR FORCE. Under $1 trillion defense cuts, the Air Force will have 2,843 less fighter jets and 181 fewer bombers than it had in 1990. This means our nation would only have 35% of our fighter inventory and nearly two-thirds fewer bombers.

MARINE CORPS. The Marine Commandant has said he needs 186,800 Marines to carry out his missions. With cuts already enacted he will have 173,000 and under $1 trillion cuts he will have 145,000- the smallest Marine Corps in 5 decades.