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(Dan) Friedman’s Laws of History #1

Wherever and whenever Muslims reach a certain critical mass, they attempt to subjugate the adjacent non-Muslim community, using violence when necessary. It is an article of faith. A random walk through today’s world conflicts proves that beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ethnic riots sweep India’s Assam, at least 30 killed

GUWAHATI, India (Reuters) – Police shot dead four rioters in India’s northeastern state of Assam on Tuesday as security forces struggled to contain ethnic fighting that has killed at least 30 people and left riverside hamlets ablaze, forcing tens of thousands from their homes.

Rioting between Bodo tribes people and Muslim settlers has raged for days in a region near Bangladesh. Some victims died of machete wounds, said aid workers who has seen the bodies.


NB: No wonder this is one of the things the media, academia, the Arabs and especially Obama don’t want us to think about. Imagine what would happen to their Palestinians-are-being-oppressed-by-Israel sob story if we should all make the connection between the “Palestinian” Muslims’ terrorism directed at Israel and the rest of the Muslim violence against infidels going on simultaneously all over the world? Imagine.