RUSH:  We’re talking about the president of the United States here.  Syria is about to fall-apart or blow up.  You know they’re talking about getting weapons of mass destruction out of Iraq, have you heard this?  They gotta get WMDs, some of Saddam’s chemical weapons.  I didn’t think there were any?  Gotta get them out of there now because of what’s happening in Syria, and some of them are in Syria, and McCain’s running around talking about that. 

It’s the Twilight Zone, and here’s this guy sitting down at his dinky little desk with his dinky little laptop actually typing in a donation to himself and telling us that he has cleared this with Michelle?  It’s only $5,000, and she said no more than that, only $5,000.  (And Romney’s a wimp, on the cover of Newsweek.)  

And then they want to tell us he’s up nine in Florida with this kind of claptrap?