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At Cowboys Stadium for Restoring Love event, Saturday, July 27, 2012. Left to right: Chris LaCombe, Joe Wierzbicki, Andrea Shea King, Elizabeth Letchworth, Ryan Gill.

While I was in Dallas last weekend with Elizabeth Letchworth to participate in Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love three-day event, we stayed with members of Elizabeth’s family.  Elizabeth’s niece Marina, a poised, bright, home schooled 17-year old, attended the Saturday night event with us at Cowboys Stadium. She was accompanied by her dad Alan and mom Mariana (Mom is also a published writer) and her two sisters Karista and Ellie. Karista took the photos that illustrate Marina’s piece in today’s American Thinker.

To say I am impressed by Marina’s perceptive understanding of what Restoring Love was REALLY about would be an understatement. Marina nails it, bringing the pieces together in a way that would impress Glenn himself. She totally “got it”.  Also, appreciate Marina’s writing style — that of someone with a maturity level not often seen in public-school educated teens.

Read “For Whom Beck’s Bell Tolls” and see for yourself.  I expect if you were there in Dallas last weekend, you’ll agree with Marina’s observations.  And those of you who were unable to attend?  Well, this will enhance your understanding of just exactly what it is that Glenn Beck and his team are trying to accomplish… and did so in spectacular fashion with the final trio of events emphasizing Faith (Honor), Hope (Courage), and Charity (Love).

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