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I sent an email asking folks if they had seen the movie “2016: Obama’s America” and if so, what did they think of it. What did YOU think of it?

Here are some of their replies:


C in Hollywood, CA

Excellent, although one commentator’s advice ‘not to vote for Obama OR Romney’appears dysfunctionally idiotic to me.

Just how many voters (who are already steamed up to a fever pitch) would think it a fine idea just to stay home on Nov. 6?  What would such refusal to vote for either candidate contribute toward our massive efforts to restore our once America The Beautiful? Unbelievable. We have to use those tools that are realistically available to us…………..and the Rommey-Ryan ticket is the current tool. At least we have some aspiration that these two can be prodded to deliver, while the international Marxist/Islamist cabal running our country at the moment are certain to deliver us unto slavery. Biden doesn’t realize how accurate a prognosticator he was, hitting only a small fraction of the entire target.


The movie “2016: Obama’s America” premiered yesterday.

Only showing thru Tuesday is their plan. All theaters sold out yesterday.

I was in matinee and only a few front row seats were empty. Even the dumbed down are beginning to panic. What is coming is a plain as the nose on your face.

One theater had so many people, that they opened up five more theaters than originally planned. Theater manager said he had never seen anything like this before, where thousands were buying tickets.

The movie painted a very clear picture. Of course the producer did not go into the “conspiracy” stuff. Just the facts, and they were enough, to scare the audience to death.

The ladies room was packed after the movie, and I took the opportunity to address the whole group waiting their turn.

Later in a grocery store nearby, my friend took the opportunity to address the lines at the checkout to announce the issue and warn the folks not to vote Obama or Romney. It was a peaceful announcement, and I was very surprised that not one person in line argued the points. They just listened, most wide-eyed.

I think it is past time to take every opportunity to speak up and wake these brain dead Wal-Mart zombies.

Posted by Godschild August 18, 2012 9:49 AM


BP in DC

Don’t vote for Obama or Romney – let Obama remain in charge?


EBL in Fl

My friend who went with me to the Villages saw the movie. She is 83 yrs old and very worldly. She saw it in Ocala and said it was accurate with tons of facts, most of which she knew. She said there were numerous times where the audience openly gasped. She felt that several folks watching it got their eyes opened by the movie.


BT in TN

What did the friend’s friend mean “warn the folks not to vote Obama or Romney.”  At this point in time there is no other viable choice.  A vote for Ron Paul or the Liberaterian Johnson, will put Obama in the White House for sure.  With Romney/Ryan in at least we have a slight chance, we’ll perhaps have more time to turn things around.  With Obama in, there is no chance.


Doc Ell in Tx

Tracy and I saw it the day it came out. We enjoyed it. Alot was not new, but the visual aspect really helped.


GM in Ventura County CA

At 1:30 PM on a weekday, there was a line running outside the door of the theater to buy tickets!  I looked around and saw it was mostly white seniors, with a sprinkling of younger folks, some Latinos, Asians and a couple of young black guys, who looked like foreign students. Everyone I talked to was there to see the Obama movie. Nearly a hundred were in the viewing room– for a documentary, on a weekday afternoon!

There was some bitter laughter in response to some Obamaisms and observations about the protaganist. On the way out, I shouted out: So what are you going to DO about it? Many shouted responses: VOTE!  WOW! Our faith in the electoral system had better not be misplaced, or there will be hell to pay this time. Not that the likely alternative is any great shakes- but it’s a damn sight better than Obama/Bite-Me.

On the way out, something happened to me that has never occurred in 60 years of going to the movies: the gal at the counter, who had heard me talking earlier, asked what I thought of the movie. I told her I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, but disappointed that D’Souza didn’t hit on eligibility and noted that his main thesis was anti-colonial rage. She thought that the questions he posed would naturally encourage people to inquire about the former issue. Maybe she’s right, but after four+ years, many haven’t, even after being hit over the head with a figurative 2 x 4.

(more at http://venturacountyteaparty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/movie-review-2016-obama-s-america)


From GW in Southern California:

I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘2016: Obama’s America’ last night. I went by myself to the 9:00 pm showing at a local theater in Thousand Oaks, CA. I counted about 50 patrons; the vast majority over 50 years of age.

I am always reluctant to be overly critical of anyone’s artistic endeavors as I often ask myself, “Could you have done a better job?” From a creative standpoint however, it was very well done. The documentary was slickly presented, well-photographed and I especially liked the creative graphics employed throughout the movie. The pace was good and the story while flawed in my view, held my attention. In fact many times I found that my blood pressure would rise and at times I felt compelled to blurt out loud, “Liar!”, “Fraud!”, “Traitor!” when the usurper’s image dominated the screen and he was engaged in some typically mendacious activity. There was no similar reaction by the rest of the audience until very late in the movie when there were a few snickers and derisive comments that probably were the result feeling emboldened by my prior outbursts.

On the whole, I must say that I was disappointed that the movie did not live up to my expectations – at all. I did not find the movie to be particularly compelling or hard-hitting, probably because I am well-versed in the story and so much was not covered, glossed over or misinterpreted. D’Souza could have painted a much grimmer and more realistic take on what is really happening to America today. The message is there…but it is lacking the honesty I expected.

While I knew that the eligibility issue would not be addressed, I was profoundly disappointed that D’Souza presented as FACTS that Obama was born in Hawaii, at Kapiolani Hospital and that his birth father was in fact the Kenyan, Barack Obama Sr. In addition, D’Souza gives every impression that he fully buys in to the fact that Obama wrote “Dreams From My Father” and accepts the content as factual. Talk about naïve!

Of course, the idea that Barack Obama Sr. is the usurper’s father is an essential premise to the movie and D’Souza hammers home the idea that the Kenyan was an incredibly important influence on Obama’s view of the world. I personally find that to be a gross overstatement of the real truth given all the research that is “out there”.  Unfortunately, this is an assumption by D’Souza that HAS NOT been substantiated and there are a myriad of reasons to doubt their veracity of some of D’Souza’s claims. From that standpoint I believe D’Souza has been less than stellar in his research.  In fact, I felt that D’Souza exhibited a great deal of naivety about Obama.

I agree with others, that D’Souza moderated his tone for the most part and tried to be objective. It certainly was not a hit piece on Obama but rather a cautionary tale to the American people that Obama was not and is not the person that the he presented himself to be in 2008. And of course, D’Souza does make it very clear that Obama poses an existential threat to the American way of life, our prosperity and our safety. There is no question about that.

I will give the movie a B MINUS because D’Souza assumes facts not in evidence and the movie could have been more hard-hitting and compelling. The conclusion was somewhat benign. In my opinion, DiSouza misses the mark when it comes to revealing the true malevolence of Obama and the purpose behind his anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-life policies, actions, words and dreams.