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During tonight’s DNC speeches, Twitter was on fire with comments from conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing, but I digress) debunking the lies spewing forth from the podium at the 20,000 seat arena (cause the weather outside was frightening, doncha know).

I lasted through the Biden speech, and made it halfway through Obama’s when I just couldn’t take any more.  So I left my Twitter compatriots to continue debunking — with links to facts — the lies the snake oil salesmen were selling to the dumb clucks, and ventured over here to find some sanity.  Here’s what I found.

I confess that I hate watching events like the DNC because it reminds me in stark living color that there are people who live in my country who are so dangerously ignorant, they could very well tip this boat over in November, sinking all of us into a cesspool of tyranny. It was much easier to watch with my politipal Thirdwavedave, who always said something droll to break up my rising bile and blood pressure. He knew the score. His blogsite motto read:

“Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician.” –General George S. Patton, Jr.”

I’m going to be looking for anti-anxiety meds the night of November 6th and into the small hours of Nov. 7th.  Trust me.  I have a little bottle of them just for occasions such as this.  It ain’t Dave, so it’ll have to do.

Incidentally, the photo above?  Comes from a June 2006 post Dave wrote after watching a Larry King show.

“The picture indicates what I felt like during and after watching the hour-long DNC political ad sponsored by Larry King.”

I feel the pain…