Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert is a patriot. Need proof?  Watch and learn.


“It’s about time some tells it like it is. Hat’s off to you Sir.”

“Gohmert is one of too few jewels in the GOP who get it.”

“Representative Gohmert is a REAL Patriot. I thank God for him.”

“The president needs and deserves a SPEEDY trial in accord with OUR Constitution.”

“President Carter (D) Islamabad, Pakistan Embassy burned in 1979
President Clinton (D) 2 Embassies bombed 1998
President Obama (D) 3 Embassies attacked, 1 Ambassador dead.”

Never apologize, mister, it’s a sign of weakness.”
― John Wayne

Fill your hands you son of a bitch!” – A well known U.S. Marshall.

“Rep Gohmert has the right idea. The military should respect the office of the president but they also swore to uphold the Constitution – so I’m curious how treasonous can the president go before it the military can deem him as a domestic terrorist.”

“As far Muslims….it doesn’t matter what we do, they will ALWAYS hate and seek to kill us. If they capture an American hostage, then we should bomb their location. If Muslims overtake an American embassy, then we should destroy their mosques. If they try something inside the United States then we should destroy entire cities and towns. If they persist then we should nuke Mecca and then nuke their entire country.”

“If these Muslims want to act like animals, then we should treat them as such.”