The part of Romney’s Tape the media isn’t playing

Glenn Beck has the two minutes, if you’ve got the time to listen…


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Thank you. I have been trying to tell people that Obama’s goal is to destroy this country. I post articles, videos and any other information I see on FB every day. People are probably tired of my posts but I don’t care. I am trying to get people to open their eyes and see what is going on.Obama is a liar. He tells one lie after the other.He can’t even keep up with them. He even lied about his religion. So many people are in denial. They think just because the USA has always risen above all the obstacles, disasters and problems and come out on top. We have always been the greatest most respected country in the world so they think that will never change. Well, it has already changed and it’s going to get so much worse if Obama is re-elected. He literally scares the hell out of me. I have 5 grandchildren. Their future with Obama in office is going to be hell. They will live in a communist country controlled by a dictator. Of course that will be Obama. The man isn’t even eligible to be president. When pressured by Donald Trump he knew he had to come up with a birth certificate or Trumps investigators in Hawaii were going to keep looking and he was afraid they might find something more incriminating on him so, he announced that he would show his birth certificate on a certain day. If he had it, why didn’t he just show it the same day he made that announcement? My thought is this. Because he had to find a forger that would keep his mouth shut to make one for him. As it turned out, he might be able to keep his mouth shut, but he is a lousy forger. It was obvious that what Obama presented was a fake. That alone should be grounds to impeach him or put him in prison. I think practically every member of the congress must be in his pocket because none of them have done a single thing to stop anything that he has done. I would like to know how many people wonder what he meant when he leaned over and told the ex Russian president that he would have more flexibility after the election. My question is. Flexibility to do what? I pray that people will stop thinking like Republicans, Democrats, Independents or Tea Party and start thinking like American’s and do what is right for our country. Voting for Obama is not what is right for America. You may not like Romney’s personality, but at least he has experience. Even Bill Clinton said, he had a sterling business career. I believe that he does truly love this country and he cares about the people. He is not in the race for himself. He has children and grandchildren. I think he is thinking about what kind of life he wants for them. He also had the intelligence to choose Paul Ryan, who is an economic genius as a running mate. I think Paul Ryan loves this country as well. I am pleading with everyone. Ron Paul supporters, Santorum supporters, Independents, Tea Party members, dissatisfied Democrats and minorities to please open your eyes, see Obama for the liar that he truly is and please vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. They are our only chance to keep the country that we love.

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