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My cyber-friend Joan Swirsky sent this today with the following notation:

“The U of Colorado map has never been wrong.”

Let’s pray she’s right.  And while we’re at it, let’s get those yard signs, bumper stickers, neighborhood walks with door hangers, phone calls, volunteering as poll watchers, and offers to drive others to the polls going.  Get actively involved!

The Blaze reports that the predictions are made by University of Colorado Professors Ken Bickers and Michael Berry and their highly-accurate Electoral College prediction model.

As you may recall, Bickers and Berry, using their metrics, are able to retroactively predict every presidential win since 1980.

Their 2012 model made headlines two months ago because, despite polling, it found that Republican presidential candidate Romney would win 320 Electoral Votes, stealing the White House away from President Barack Obama. Now, an updated version of their study has come to the same conclusion — but it intensifies the numbers behind a predicted Romney win.

Despite the fact that polls still show a dead-heat race (Obama is currently at 48.2 percent, with Romney capturing 47.3 percent of likely voters in the most recent Real Clear Politics average), an updated election model shows an even larger gap between the Electoral College votes that Romney and Obama are projected to win. According to Bickers and Berry, the Republican challenger is projected to take 330 of the 558 votes, while Obama is expected to capture only 208 of them.

Here’s the map we — the Campaign to Defeat Obama‘s REBUILD AMERICA – DEFEAT OBAMA tour — is going by as we target the five swing states, with a heavy emphasis on Michigan:

As Joan says in her email, “Praying”.

We are too.