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My friend J.I. is a thinker.  An articulate thinker.  His assessment of the Left based on this latest ad produced by the Obama campaign shows that Obama’s campaign strategy reaches new lows, but it does say volumes about the mindset of the left.  Here’s J.I.’s take…

Lena Dunham’s “MyFirst Time”, remarkably paid for by the Obama campaign, has caused a stir. I know Lena Dunham, and she’s very smart, creative, funny, perceptive, and wise beyond her years. But like a lot of young people her age, she’s heavily preoccupied with sex. Her alter-ego character is indicative of her generation, one that’s become so permissive and jaded that sex has gone beyond routine and casual into the realm of the banal. She’s one of the few her age to understand this well enough to write it and lampoon it. But clearly the free-sex issue is the gateway drug to Democrat dependency, and the message in that video speaks for nearly all the leftists I know.

The obvious political observation about this ad is that it reveals the desperation of the Obama campaign, in the same way Sandra Fluke does. It’s ludicrous to imagine that in a period of great domestic and international peril, where the country’s very future is at stake, one of the two major political parties is running on a platform of free sex to be paid for by the collective. Absurd.

But I think it’s also indicative of something else, something that’s probably pretty obvious to all of us, that being the level to which sex is used to drive national politics. You’re probably like me, in that you know people who seem perfectly common-sensical but will always vote Democrat no matter what over one single issue: abortion. Dinesh D’Souza has called it ‘The Almighty Orgasm’, a term I picked up using, because it’s so true. It obviously drives pop-culture, and the mainstreaming of pornography has created the expectation of sex-on-demand, a bottom-of-the-barrel platform the Democrats have placed at their core.

Imagine if you took the sex issue out of national politics. What would the Democrats run on, and where would there power base derive? A lot of leftists I know have more conservative expectations of government on every other issue. You know, the “I’m fiscally conservative, but socially liberal” types. (I enjoy arguing with them about that being an oxymoron in many ways.) Many people want nothing to do with expanding government or weak foreign policy, or other things Democrats stand for, but to them, the federal government’s most important role is protector of sex on demand.

The question for me becomes how to untangle sex from national politics. As far as the culture goes, it’s been so debased that there’s probably no going back. Except, like in the semi-fictional world Lena Dunham has created, young people begin to notice the detrimental results of the world created by the several preceding generations and seek something higher. That’s a big IF. Politically, I see only an effort not to directly change the culture through policy, but to get the federal government out of the issue of sex. Obviously the Democrats seek the opposite, to get more people dependent on the federal government for sex, and even to be a provider when it comes to contraception. (I’m going to start arguing for government-provided prostitutes while we’re at it.)

In a sense, localization has worked pretty well for the gay marriage issue. I’m personally opposed to it, but I also think it should be decided locally. I don’t expect Massachusetts to have the same laws as Utah. These are different populations with different mores, and those people should decide certain issues for themselves.

On the all-important issue of abortion, I agree that hearts and minds must be changed, and there’s evidence to support that they are, even though the numbers, especially in a place like New York City, are horrendous. The conclusion I reach is this: do away with Roe vs. Wade. This does not outlaw all abortions (as people have been taught by the left to think), but places the issue back at the local level. This must be stated more often. Like gay marriage, different localities would have different laws to reflect the prevailing local culture. If you’re strongly against abortion, this doesn’t solve the problem, but it’s a step toward localizing the issue rather than making it a driving force for national Democrats.

I think conservatives could adopt a “Get out of my bedroom!” argument against this political sex obsession. Or “Get your *** out of my wallet!” It’s what I try to do personally when I’m talking to a liberal who brings up abortion as soon as the conversation starts. “Why are you so obsessed with sex?” Do whatever you want, but don’t ask me to pay for it. And what’s wrong with letting a local population decide what they’re own abortion laws should be?

I don’t have all the answers here, but that ridiculous ad just prompted some food for thought.