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Sitting here on the Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour bus, rolling along the Pennsylvania Turnpike (PATurnpike) as we head southeast toward Altoona for a 5:30 pm rally there.

I’m riding shotgun up front, driver Doug and I keeping each other company as I read to him from the headlines and various blogsites (Hillbuzz, Ace of Spades, Hot Air, Michelle Malkin).  My voice giving out (it’s pretty noisy up here in the bus’ “cockpit” as the wind whistles against and aside and past us — which makes me wonder why Prevost — the bus maker — hasn’t come up with a more aerodynamic design for these rolling boxes, but that’s another story for another time), it’s Rush Limbaugh time anyway.

So I’ve tuned my iPhone to my WMAL radio app and now I’m listening to Rush who is tearing up Obama and New York mayor Doomberg pretty well.  Loving it.  With each rotation of this bus’ tires, I’m more determined than ever that we are doing and will continue do everything possible to rid ourselves of these criminals. Including being on a bus for most of the day without a lot of the conveniences we started out with weeks ago. But it’s nothing compared to what New Yawkahs — many of whom voted in the  Democrats — are experiencing. Poor souls.  Giving veracity to the old adage, “You get the government you deserve”.  And look at what NY has… socialists and union thugs.  Yep.  They’ve gotten what they deserve.  Bet they’re not singing “I Love New Yawk” right now. Them and the New Joisey folks, represented by their governor Chris Christie wearing his I LOVE OBAMA BUTTON on national TV.

Trump (the private sector) is sending in a bunch of bottled water, says Rush, as Mayor Big Gulp’s two massive 800 KW generators are being used to power some 800 homes without… oh wait.  They’re powering THE MEDIA!!! who will be covering the ludicrous NY Marathon, while NY City residents are struggling and crying for help.  People whose homes are uninhabitable being thrown out of their hotel rooms to make way for the marathoners coming into town…

All this is happening in an area totally dominated by BIG government types, says Rush.  This is supposed to be when BIG government shines, when we’re supposed to see the joyness of BIG government.  How’re ya liking your Democrats now, New Yawk? How’re ya liking your unions today, Joisey?

So, where’s Obama-lama-ding-dong? Out campaigning somewhere, telling the dumbclucks how he’s the Alpha, the Omega, the all, the One. “We’ll leave nobody behind…”


It was spitting snow when we left the hotel in Novi this morning around 9 to make the seven-hour drive to Altoona, which was supposed to be our “Grand Finale” rally.  Actually, the plans have changed, as they have throughout this 35-day and counting tour.  In fact, “change” has been the operative word to describe this tour.  What began as a national, circle the country tour quickly became a “swing state” tour, which then became a mostly circle the state of Michigan tour, which seemingly has no end.  Well, I exaggerate a little — it will come to an end with the election, and I’ll know it really is the Grand Finale when I’m stepping off the plane in Orlando sometime on Nov. 8th, after having been away from my home since Sept. 14th.

Speaking of home… I’ve forgotten what my little beach nest looks like, what my bed feels like to sleep in, what’s in my refrigerator (ugh…)

The weather here in Pennsylvania isn’t much different than it was in Novi (rhymes with “no-eye”). The temp outside is 34 and the beauty that was fall just a couple of weeks ago is over.  We’re now in that raw, cold, often rainy weather that could transition to snow or sleet any moment. The trees have lost their brilliance, and are now either barren or rust colored.

We’ll do our rally at the Bavarian Inn this afternoon and then overnight in Altoona, only to return to Michigan tomorrow where we’ll perform four more rallies that have been added to our schedule. And then on to Petosky where we’ll watch the election results and either celebrate or slit our wrists.  (Just kidding…)


“Pittsburgh, 9 miles”, reads the highway sign.  I’m sipping cold coffee.  Our bus has been snakebit since Bill, our first driver peeled off 12 days into the trip, leaving us to deal with recalcitrant refrigeration, a microwave that died eons ago the last time I popped corn in it, a flat screen TV system that is tuned to the static channel, and a lavatory that is plugged up and virtually unusable. We passed “No solids or paper please.  Liquids only” miles and miles ago…

Add to that the woes of our current driver Doug, who’s had to deal with a damaged electrical harness that prevented the bus transmission from shifting, necessitating a six and a half hour wait for a 270+ mile tow from Sault Ste. Marie to Saginaw; a generator that spewed oil throughout the compartment it lives in; horns that don’t work, and an air filter that blew out, necessitating another roadside call for mechanical help.  We’ve lugged our luggage more times than we can count.  But if it gets Obama out of the White House?  Hell, we’ll help him lug his luggage too, and that includes the leather bag he’s married to.

Now our sister bus has had no problems at all, and those team members who ride it think they’re being cute, wary of letting us come aboard, lest we curse their rolling home away from home.  They hold up their fingers in the sign of a cross when we approach.  Something wrong with this picture? They’re blaming the victims.  Really?!!  Lucky thing we’re good natured and keeping our eye on the prize — a Romney/Ryan win.


more to come… I promise.



We are on Pennsylvanie Hwy 22 and just passed a huge handmade sign that read “Barack Obama, Ba-roke America” posted for all to see on a sloping lawn near the highway. I didn’t have my camera handy or I would have grabbed a shot of it.



Our driver Doug was chatting with a guy at a stop a little while ago who told Doug that he believes Pennsylvania is going for Romney.  He’s convinced he said, because he’d “been hunting all up through the mining and coal country and saw Romney signs everywhere.”



Got Sean Hannity on the radio right now and he’s playing clips of people begging for help, interspersed with the union thugs screaming at the Alabama utility workers who drove all the way to NY to help, “Go home you scabs!”; interspersed with Obama-lama-ding-dong saying “We’ll leave nobody behind.”

Then he’s playing clips of people on the street who are furious that Mayor Big Gulp is going forward with a marathon this Sunday.

Gas lines that go on for six hours, no power for millions, people dumpster diving, people staying at hotels being thrown out to make room for the marathoners coming into town.  It’s a beautiful thing.  So… who ya gonna vote for next Tuesday??? Eh, New Yawk?  Joisey?