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Residents in Rockaways, Brooklyn complain of lack of assistance after Hurricane Sandy

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
IN DEEP: Men clear debris from a flood-ravaged street yesterday in Rockaway, Queens, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

UPDATE FROM JEFF BRUZZO, Director & Editor of Island Metro Productions, LLC in NY.

I am organizing relief efforts with the Nazarene Church in East Rockaway.  Pastor Hurkens will have someone ready to help me with boxes and to pick up at the UPS store in Rockville Centre,  I have people from as far away as Texas and Australia sending me things.

The ocean stopped right in front of his church… talk about Divine Providence?

Yesterday, Jeff wrote:

Hope this email finds everybody ok after the storm.  We took a real bad hit on L.I and in N.J. We just got our power back yesterday and are now going through tons of emails and lost calls (Phone coverage is sketchy at best). I’m using a car battery to stay online…. Our Verizon backup battery is wasted (12V).

PSC has been online (Utah based server), but we have not.  Two of us will begin postings this afternoon.

There’s a lot to write about and this is just unfolding… if you’ve seen my pictures on FB… devastating!  This is our Katrina and we are watching the bungling of everything from out of state non-union jobs turned away to crews sitting around waiting for orders that never come.

Looting in Brooklyn, while the police stand by. Not to mention the cholera, hepatitis and gastro sickness that will soon over run the flood areas if people are not alerted.  There is raw sewage everywhere and fuel oil to boot.

So now the nation turns its eyes to the greatest spectacle on Earth… the 2012 election!  For the storm? .. The MSM is again no where to be seen… They’re more interested in getting O’bamba re-elected instead of ejected.


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