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From the military blog BLACKFIVE:



Site Note:  From this time forward, the President will be known and called by this writer as the AHAC (Amateur Hour Ass-Clown)…So, the AHAC comes out after being re-elected with the idea that maybe a change at the top of DoD might be in order, since according to him, he told DoD, CIA, DoS and M.O.U.S.E. to do everything humanly possible to save the lives of those men in Benghazi, and they obviously blatantly disobeyed his order.  And after a lengthy search for suitable candidates he chose one based upon his lengthy wartime service and his respect for our soldiers…

John.  F’ing.   Kerry.   Are you doing this just to see what will happen or are you really that stupid to think this is a good idea?  This traitorous ass-clown who slanders our soldiers, accuses them of falsehoods and who has given aid and comfort to our nations enemies is who the AHAC thinks ought to be the head of those that defend our freedom, but maybe I just answered my own question.  And it isn’t like he doesn’t have a history of this (Apologies and Warning: some graphic scenes of war and it’s from a libtard organization).

Thanks Mr. AHAC.  I can tell from your choice that you are absolutely the man to lead our country.  You always know which course to choose, and since you are looking to make some changes, maybe you could have a look at Bernie Madoff for Treasury Secretary (because that dude knows money), Susan Rice for SoS (because of her grasp on the realities of foreign affairs) and Ray Nagin for FEMA Director (because that dude knows how to respond to a disaster).

So, don’t talk to me about respect Mr. AHAC.  You and those you surround yourself with have exactly zero idea what it takes to do what we who have served in the military do.  I, and I am certain my comrades in arms would appreciate since you know you don’t have the stones to do what we do (telling a confirmed team of epic bad-asses to go kill OBL doesn’t count), that you could at least choose someone for the job of Defense Secretary that hasn’t thrown his medals for his 4 months of service away and told the world exactly what he thinks of our soldiers.

Maybe we need the Swift Boat Vets back?  Hmmmm….