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Jared Law at the 9-12 Project wrote:


Those petitions for ‘peaceful secession’ are under the control of the Barack Hussein Obama Regime’s White House. In other words, signing one of those petitions is like running, unarmed, without any kind of support, in front of a rolling, loaded Nazi or Soviet line of tanks on the war path and screaming “come and get me you Marxist bastards!” when you know there isn’t a camera within a hundred miles.

And while there is a healthy debate about secession right now, thanks to those petitions, I do not trust, for one minute, that nothing could thrill the Marxists who want to eliminate conservatives, in a 21st Century ‘final solution,’ than to hand-deliver them a list of the most vehement opponents of their policies.

Personally, I think that we can still save the union, and that secession shouldn’t yet be on the table, and at the same time, I wholeheartedly agree with every word of the Declaration of Independence. In other words, those who have violated the Constitution have already seceded, and we principled patriots must insist that our Constitution be followed, and that those who are engaged in open rebellion against the United States of America, and her Constitution, have already seceded, including the Barack Hussein Obama Regime, and that they must be brought to account ASAP.

There’s no need to secede when the enemies of Liberty have already seceded. Let’s restore the Union; let’s restore the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America, and not allow the ongoing secession continue for another Presidential term!

I absolutely agree with Glenn Beck’s take on this. I think you will, too. If you haven’t yet watched the video clips from the last few days of Glenn Beck commenting on this story, find them below.

And one last thing, before I get to the stories & video clips: this sudden explosion of petitions TO THE WHITE HOUSE to ‘peacefully’ secede reeks of something that Communists, Nazis, or other Marxists in Europe and Asia have pulled time and time again. Just look at Mao’s history. Think, people!


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