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So, you’ve stopped by to see what the Radio Patriot has posted lately.

And you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted very much.  There’s a reason.

I’ve realized that because dangerous things are happening faster than ever, it is imperative to communicate what I think is important in the quickest, most efficient way possible.  To the most people, instantly.  Thus…

You’ll find me at Facebook.

I know, I know, many of you are loathe to use Facebook.  It can be cumbersome if you are new to it.  And depending on what you post there, it could reveal more about you than you want the public — and the government — to know.  I get that.  I’ll take my chances.

It’s too important to me that I reach as many people as I can thru the exploding social media networks like Facebook and Twitter with information that is vital to our freedom and security.

I will be here at The Radio Patriot, and I expect to post on a more regular basis — but if you want to find me right away, check out my Facebook page, where I’ll be posting as though there’s no tomorrow. Because…


Oh — one more thing.

Over the past couple of weeks I took a break from doing my nightly show on BlogTalkRadio.  I needed to.  The holidays gave me time to slow down from a very hectic schedule, to be contemplative, to literally stop and reflect on 2012, and grieve for the loss of my loved ones — my Mom and my dear Dave “ThirdWaveDave” Logan, with whom — as you know — I worked closely with for the past six years.  In that state of mind and heart, it’s been difficult to be inspired — and the holiday season was the perfect time for me to stand down, and let go of all that had been masked because of last fall’s hectic campaign schedule. I’m getting used to a new “normal”, one that doesn’t include my political soulmate and inspirational muse who was there for me on a daily basis.

I will be back on the air again, maybe as soon as this week, as I find my emotional balance and gear up to resume the daily schedule.

Thank you all for your support through 2012.  And now let’s look to 2013 to face with courage, fortitude, determination and God’s grace whatever the new year brings.