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On Tuesday evening, I attended an ACT for America meeting here on Florida’s Space Coast.  ACT is very active in Florida with 47 chapters and a sizable membership  – there were 85 of us tonight, a good sized crowd who came to hear and see Clare M. Lopez, a strategic policy and intelligence expert whose focus is on national defense. She was formerly a career operations officer with the CIA, and carries a long list of impressive credentials — positions and accomplishments, mostly dealing with intelligence and analysis. She is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy (Frank Gaffney) and the Clarion Fund and vice president of the Intelligence Summit among them.

Lopez appeared via Skype, but it was my sense that she was right there in the room with us. She spoke non-stop for nearly 90 minutes, and then took audience questions for the next half hour or so.

I took notes, which I will share with you in abbreviated form.  Much, if not all of what she told us can be found in her numerous articles.

  • Arab Spring is really the Islamic Awakening. Why? For centuries Islam was on a back burner, due to the rise in the West and European Christendom that saw a rise in global power while Islam suffered a decline. European Christendom was pushing back against Islam, at least until the 20th century.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1928 in response to this situation. Muslims found themselves without a caliphate.  British colonial presence was strong, especially in Egypt. All during the rest of the 20th century, the Muslim Brotherhood labored in the background. They were in conflict with the kingdom and there was violence. So the Brotherhood fled to Europe and the US where they began organizing underground.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood are masters at organization, especially in pressured situations, building from the grassroots in small cells, that grew into bigger structures. They replicated this process everywhere, including in the US. Many came after WWII and in 1953, were even invited into the White House by then-President Dwight Eisenhower.
  • “Settlement process”: immigrating to find new places to colonize. The first generation of Brothers were immigrants who settled in many places, built mosques, bought homes and stores and property.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s bylaws (can be seen at Steve Emerson’s site and probably nowhere else because they have been scrubbed from the Brotherhood’s website) that Hassan al Bana (sp.) wrote talk of establishing structures inside all of society’s pillars – education, academia, media, government, etc. They began infiltrating. The trial of the Holy Land Foundation in 1991 (Florida) revealed a 1991 Explanatory Memo that laid out the Brotherhood’s strategic goals — to sabotage and destroy western society from within  and by that society’s own hand.
  • This is a civilized Jihad.  The past two years events in the mideast have been made possible by the US for its support to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda (AQ).
  • How? Because of decades of infiltration up thru those pillars that support our society to the point where they are now serving at the highest levels of our national security — The White House, Dept of State; Homeland Security; Pentagon; FBI; CIA; Law Enforcement agencies.
  • So where does the policy come from in the US that helps AQ overthrow Libya’s Kaddafi? In early 2000’s — 2003 – 2004 — Kaddafi gave up his weapons of mass destruction and began working with the US to help us go after AQ. He had them in his jails. When the revolt against Libya broke out in 2011, Europe pressured US to get NATO involved because of Europe’s concern for its oil supply. Got Obama to agree to an intelligence finding which committed US aid to AQ to overthrow Kaddafi.
  • We worked with NATO to assist rebels, many of whom were AQ-affiliated militias. Christopher Stevens – who was not yet Ambassador – was named the official liaison to the rebels (AQ) and work out of Tripoli and Benghazi to coordinate assistance.
  • Kaddaffi was killed, and behind the scenes is Muslim Brotherhood that rules Libya. The eastern part of Libya is Serenica (sp) where AQ militias are still in power. There’s info that the Libyan government was involved in helping the US to gather loose weapons from depots, etc. during the Libyan civil war. Those weapons included Shoulder Missiles (SAMs) and RPGs.
  • There were public demonstrations of how those weapons were destroyed, but those were the broken and old ones.  The good weapons made their way out to market, sent to Mali (sp) in W. Africa where AQ used them to take over the northern part of the country, and also sent weapons to Gaza.
  • And the US government through Stevens was helping send weapons to Syria.
  • Syria’s Bashar Assad is a brutal tyrant and dictator.  His #1 ally is Iran because he is giving Iran access to the Mediterranean coast. Opposing Assad is AQ which backs the Syrian rebels. Assad’s backer is Iran.
  • The US government, with funding in 2012, also backs and supports the Syrian rebels.  OFAC permits financial aid to flow to the rebels who are dominated by AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.
  • Ambassador Stevens was helping organize the pipeline of weapons thru Turkey into Syria. The night of the attack — 9/11/12 – the mission is Benghazi was used as a base of operations and onward support from Libya to Syria.
  • OIC = head of state organization of 57 members, including Palestinians, is the 2nd largest organization in the world. The UN is the largest. go to their website and under the Islamophobia tab or section, you’ll find their agenda — a ten-year plan which currently began in 2005. The #1 Top Objective is making it a crime to criticize Islam.  Laws that say it is a crime to insult Islam, punishable by death.  The OIC has put forward a resolution (R16/18) in the UN to push for laws (Istanbul process) to be enacted.
  • Referred to the book “Reliance of the Traveller” – a book of laws that essentially make up Sharia.  Pres. George W Bush named an envoy to the OIC in 2007. Obama’s envoy is Rashad Hussein of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same man who helped Obama write his Cairo speech.
  • Syrian bio and chemical weapons. It is the largest stockpile in the Mideast. VX, Sarin, Mustard, Anthrax, Smallpox, toxins.
  • Interviews and reports from Reza Kalili (a pseudonym); also  in the New English Review an interview by Jerry Gordon with Dr. Jill Bellamy Van Oest (sp) about bio weapons in the Syrian arsenal may have been “tweaked” or genetically modified. In fact, Reza today spoke to insiders inside Iran re” new nuclear site in Iran.
  • A Time to Betray
  • North Korea shot off a missile about a month ago, a three-stage intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting Alaska and possibly the West Coast of Washington State and Oregon and has nuclear weapons they’ve miniaturized to fit on the missile.
  • EMP weapon releases a cascade of gamma rays that can fry electronics.
  • If you do ANYTHING, contact your congressional rep and tell him or her to PASS THE SHIELD ACT, which will allow barriers to be built to protect our electrical grid.  The military is already protected, but civilian electrical grids are not.
  • Lopez has been meeting with members of Congress and their staffs and continues to set up briefings to inform and educate them about all of this.  Many MOC don’t have a clue. No, they’re not owned by the enemy.  They’re just ignorant or naively in denial.
  • Lopez says the bravest MOC are Michelle Bachmann of MN, Louie Gohmert of TX; Tom Rooney of FL; Westmoreland of VA (?); and one other whose name I didn’t catch.

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