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Glenn Beck just did a heart-clutching monolog on his radio program about why the Obama regime is going after our guns. Everything else they’ve tried has not succeeded in leading We The People into rebellion/insurrection. Occupy Wall Street didn’t work, for example. Americans weren’t roused enough by it. Controlling our freedom of speech? Meh. But the 2nd Amendment? Take our guns? Aha!!!

That is stirring us to say “come and get them”, and 2nd Amdt defenders are gearing up for civil insurrection.

We won’t win it. NATO planes called in by our president to quell resistance and revolution. Think he won’t do it?

(And what about the Blue Helmets who’d be brought in to take over when our law enforcement will not do what they’re ordered to?)

A chilling monolog, one you should listen to if it is uploaded to YouTube. And it will be, no doubt.

Last night’s show — he talked about it there too. Read about it here.

Glenn said nearly 5 million responded to a gun poll on THE BLAZE.

“Debates over the new gun laws are starting to heat up, but is anything going to happen? Glenn thinks that as far as the current round of negotiations go, the talk will ultimately result in a compromise. The President, however, will publicly be unhappy with the compromise, and when the next tragedy strikes he will blame gun owners, conservatives, and do-nothing Congress for the event.

Glenn believes in such an event, the President will try to regulate guns using an executive order – at which point second amendment advocates will have two choices: violent rebellion or peace.

Violent rebellion and talk of violent rebellion will not work. All credibility will be lost and the chances of success are slim to none. Instead, Glenn says it will take every person peacefully objecting to the new regulations to ensure a victory. Watch him explain in the clip below.