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I’m reassured to see that several States are moving to block attempts by the Obama regime to ban our firearms.  One of the first things I read this morning was this at WND:

States pulling rug from under Obama gun plans Bills exempting rifles, handguns, magazines from coming federal limits

Among States writing legislation to keep the feds’ claws off their guns are Texas, Wyoming, Missouri, Tennessee, and Alaska. Montana already has language that blocks the feds from touching their gun-making ability.

portfolio3I’m especially heartened this morning because last night I read in Burt Boyar’s new memoir “Blessed” what took place in Spain in the early 1900s.  It was absolutely horrific and shows what a totalitarian dictatorship can and will do to its defenseless citizens.

The National and Municipal Police were under the command of a government whose plan was to let chaos reign throughout the country until the Soviets came in to “Restore Order”. This end result had been sought at the first meeting of The Comintern (Communist International) in 1918 when Lenin announced that Spain was their first target because of its strategic location at the mouth of the Mediterranean and because it was a warm weather port.  They finally almost accomplished it eighteen years later in 1936.  The plan was to create chaos and then step in to “create order”, remaining in control, making Spain the first Iron Curtain country. To accomplish this all members of the Anarchist Party, working men, were sworn in by the new government as militiamen, given rifles and empowered to make arrests, while their elected leaders of the Popular Front sat back and let nature take its course.

In Madrid, Barcelona, Seville – all major cities, the militiamen roamed the streets in packs, stealing, plundering, beating, killing at will, taking “revenge” on their “oppressors”.  Anyone who appeared to have money or a belief in God, or to have served in the military, was their natural prey, “a fascist”. They were robbed, beaten, killed, and left on the streets to eventually be picked up and taken to the morgue by police vans cruising the streets looking for them. The municipal police were under orders to look the other way.

It gets worse.

Spain was gripped in what became known as The Red Terror. Even more than the aristocracy and the military, the clergy was the most despised by the Anarchists. Within four months, one hundred and sixty churches were burned and as the priests, monks, altar boys and nuns came running out, fleeing the smoke and flames, the Anarchists were waiting for them with mounted machine guns and mowed them down.

In Malaga, militiamen stripped nuns of their clothes, gang-raped them on the street, lined them up on the concrete and drove over them with a steam roller. A monk captured by militiamen had his rosary beads forced into both ears until his eardrums burst. Another was put into an arena with eight fighting bulls.  His hands and feet were not bound so that he could amuse the militiamen by trying to escape the horns of the monstrous animals that quickly gored him to bits, repeatedly catching him on their horns and tossing him in the air until he had become only pieces of body parts.

In all, some seven thousand priests, monks and nuns and twelve bishops perished in the savagery of these working men’s “revenge”.

Lamentably, in fact, the hatred went both ways and later, as the anarchy turned into the Spanish Civil War, man’s inhumanity to man was equal on both sides.

The lesson is clear.  As Glenn Beck said on his radio show this week, man’s default nature is selfish and it is only through the grace of God and our faith and obedience to that divine power that rescues us from that nature. By Thomas Jefferson’s own admission, a virtuous and active citizenry is vital to the health of a republican nation.

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

We must NEVER allow the Obama regime — or any future regime to take away our means of defense. Ever.