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I noted that “W” said yesterday that Jeb should run for president.  Thinking back on a conversation at lunch the other day with friends about Jeb Bush, I came back to it again when Glenn Beck mentioned in passing during the opening of his radio program this morning, Jeb’s involvement with Common Core.  So I did a search and found links that implicate Jeb Bush in this dangerous curriculum that is infiltrating our schools like a toxic fog.

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There is much more about Common Core at Glenn’s news site “TheBlaze”.  Here’s a link to the compendium of articles that have been published there:  http://www.theblaze.com/?s=Common+Core

Much more than you’ll ever have time to read, but it gives you an indication — one strong reason — why I don’t ever want Jeb Bush anywhere near the White House.  There’s much more — think Terry Schiavo.  Also…. and it goes back to the Clinton days in Arkansas and drug smuggling with the CIA — drugs for guns — that I could go into, and if you’re interested I will. Key word: Colombia.

However, I think that Common Core is reason alone to fight against Jeb ever becoming anything more than a private citizen who is lucky he isn’t behind bars.