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UPDATE:  I now realize that the piece referenced here wasn’t written by Erickson, but by front page contributor Streiff.  However, my point remains — Erickson’s ability to categorically declare Snowden a traitor without a careful review of the facts that came out subsequent to his pronouncement leads me to question his judgement. Immediately jumping to a conclusion without benefit of the facts, apparently to get out ahead of the crowd assures me that, God forbid I was being charged with a crime, I wouldn’t want him serving on a jury of my peers. Would you?

I don’t agree with Erick Erickson’s (of Red State) view of Edward Snowden. Erickson was one of the first — if not THE first — who tweeted to his followers that if they thought Snowden was a patriot, to UNFOLLOW Erickson. NOW.


A shoot-from-the-hip reaction that showed a snap to judgement, in my view. However, having said that, Erickson’s piece today is worth a read and leads me to wonder why if, following Erickson’s own logic, he still refuses to take a closer look at what Snowden’s done and perhaps step back a bit from his rush to judgement.

The Obama Administration’s War on the Constitution

The more we learn about the antics of our national intelligence apparatus the more we are left with the image of a bunch of smart guys operating with no sense of boundaries or propriety. Rather than being servants to and guardians of the the people they have striven to become our masters.

When Edward Snowden alleged that he, as a low level IT technician, could access communications by virtually anyone simply by asking there was a howling from the general direction of Fort Meade, MD that this was not true.

Because FISA Courts.

Because The Constitution.

Subsequent reporting by Glenn Greenwald (or one of his sock puppets. it is really hard to tell… ) indicates that Snowden was more right than wrong. . . .

Well, now… wouldn’t it have been better for Erickson to have held his fire until he had more facts???

My view of Snowden’s actions is mixed, but on balance, I’d say he’s more in the RIGHT column than the WRONG.

Before shooting first and aiming second, perhaps Erickson might benefit from hearing what these NSA leakers have to say about it.

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