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Stop pointing a finger at the lamestream media, expecting them to change.  They are part of the monolithic media cartel and will NEVER take the perspective of truth and justice.

Why do you think I left after seven years of writing a twice weekly social column for Gannett’s Florida TODAY?  I got too mouthy on my radio program about what was REALLY happening in our country.

They made up some flimsy excuse to let me go.

I canceled my subscription and never looked at another issue of “Flatulence Today” again (well, maybe once when I saw a copy in the doctor’s office and noticed how it had shrunk in size… I laughed out loud when I saw it).

Move on.  You have formed your own “news” communiques.  You don’t need the knobs in the newsrooms.  They’re dinosaurs.  And you give them credit every time you point at them and complain.  They’re irrelevant.

It’s US who are bringing the truth to light, wherever we find it and share it.  Spread it out as far as you can.  Use social media to YOUR advantage.  Facebook.  Twitter.  All of it.

Writing letters to the “editor” at Flatulence Today or any other drive by media is a waste of time.  Stop giving them your attention and your money.

Now let’s go kick some ass.