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MAY 11, 2014

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By Douglas J. Hagmann

Follow the money.”  That was the directive given to Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein by their confidential source code named “Deep Throat” to get to the bottom of the Nixon White House cover-up of the Watergate burglaries in 1972.

It was, in part, from the persistence of the Fourth Estate that resulted in the creation of the Senate Watergate Committee, which ultimately led to the indictments of forty administration officials, the convictions of several others, and the resignation of a sitting president as articles of impeachment were being introduced in the House of Representatives.

Notice here that it was not just the crime, but the cover-up. Especially the cover-up.

In consideration of last week’s announcement of a Select Committee on Benghazi, truth-seeking Americans titillated by the formation of this committee would be well advised to recall the backroom dealings that established the Senate Watergate Committee and the political perimeters to which it was bound. The back story is nicely articulated by Jeffrey Lord in his article published in the American Spectator titled Trey Gowdy and the Real Lesson of Watergate. Although I am in favor of the formation of a truly independent investigative body, my hopes for the whole truth to be made known are not only tempered by history, but the magnitude of the crime, not scandal, that is now simply known as Benghazi.”

“Follow the money” becomes “Follow the weapons”

In the event that it has gone unnoticed, the White House and the U.S. Department of State is desperate for every American to believe that persistent questions about the attack at Benghazi on September 11, 2012, that killed four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador (the first such murder in more than 30 years) are nothing more than a baseless political ploy against the current administration and a gratuitous attack to derail a potential future candidate for president. So do many in congress. So do nearly all of the major media outlets, every Progressive blog on the internet, and countless political pundits.

Irrational yet exuberant allegiance to their own political messiah and their matriarch of international mayhem aside, there is a much more important reason for this frenzied veil of protection against any thorough and meaningful inquiry. Although only a few similarities exist between the “Deep Throat” of Watergate and my intelligence source for facts related to Benghazi, the message is similar. Instead being directed to “follow the money,” I was directed to “follow the weapons.”

Whistleblowers and Deep Throats

Since my source first uttered that directive in the days following the attack, I have written over four dozen investigative reports about the events leading up to the attack in Benghazi, the attack itself, and the consequential cover-up. On April 30, 2014, I also conducted a 90-minute interview with CIA source Robert “Tosh” Plumlee on my radio broadcast The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Mr. Plumlee caught the attention of the Obama White House and the Holder Justice Department for posing 11 questions on a Facebook page he created specifically to “out” the arms operation.

Following that interview, I’ve spoken to Mr. Plumlee on multiple occasions off-air, only to learn that the pressure from above to simply be quiet and go away is intensifying.

Yesterday, whistleblowers were sought and protected, and their information was reported in the court of public opinion. Today, they are ignored or threatened, and ultimately vilified in a ploy for political public opinion. Their vilification is in direct proportion to the threat they pose to the official account of the events surrounding the men and materials related to the rogue elements of the U.S. State Department, the White House, and the CIA.

I’ve also had numerous contacts with my intelligence source about all aspects of the attack, learning more every time. Accordingly, I feel I have earned the right to speak with authority about this issue. I also have a unique perspective to add yet another question to the 11 posed by Mr. Plumlee—one that could stand alone should the other 11 be forced down as they were last October.

18 1/2 hour gap of the whereabouts and activities of Barack Obama

Reminiscent of the 18 1/2 minute gap of the subpoenaed Watergate tapes, there appears to be an 18 1/2 hour gap of the whereabouts and activities of Barack Obama. So my additional or replacement question is where was Barack Obama during this period, who was he with, and exactly what were the nature of his activities? A follow-up question, if I may. If Barack Obama was not in charge or making decisions during this most critical period in recent American history, who was? The Secret Service logs, among documents and tapes, would certainly tell this uncomfortable tale.

The truth is as simple as it is uncomfortable. The truth will expose a level of national and international criminality far beyond the scope and treachery of the combined sum of Watergate, Iran-Contra, the Bay of Pigs, Fast & Furious, and even the proven presidential perjury at the end of the finger-wagging to an American audience and congress. The truth about Benghazi is far greater than most people realize, for a thorough and honest investigation will expose the largest central logistics, control and coordination center for weapons, arms and manpower in the Middle East.

As Michael Reagan so astutely and accurately detailed in his column Building on a Kernel of Truth in the immediate aftermath of Benghazi, the U.S. State Department, with their own army consisting of intelligence forces selected from the CIA and government subcontractors, created “a Ho Chi Minh Trail of Muslim Brotherhood supply lines that crisscross North Africa and eventually enter Syria from staging areas next-door in Turkey.” The operation involved the U.S., along with other Western nations, doing the heavy lifting for the Saudis. Part of the Saudi agenda is to rid the Middle East of Assad, and their plans intended on using our intelligence agencies, military subcontractors and others to do so. This was being done at the highest levels of our government as well as with some of our allies, in direct violation of U.S. and international law.

Criminal cabal of globalists

Truthful exposure would be an admission that the criminal cabal of globalists holding key positions within our government, involving both sides of the political spectrum had, and still have, the blood of not just four Americans, but over a quarter of a million men, women and children on their hands. That is the current best estimate of the death count in Syria, for it is Syria where the weapons and manpower were ultimately destined.

Additionally, it is upon their shoulders that rests the responsibility of causing millions of families in Syria to be displaced from their homes as a result of their covert activities to reshape the Middle East. Those attempts continue today, as the current Secretary of State under the authority of the White House has permitted the opening of a second front against Syria via Iraq, allowing the terrorist group known by the acronym ISIS to fortify the anti-Assad “rebels” as the U.S. declines to intervene.

It is critical to note that since the 2012 attack in Benghazi, there have been four unsuccessful attempts to involve NATO, the U.S. and the West into a much larger conflict in the region to oust Assad. One of those failed attempts was, of course, to blame Assad for a chemical weapons attack, although that plot was exposed for the false flag it was. Rest assured that it remains the objective of this cabal of criminal globalists to oust Assad by any means necessary.

The Progressives in power, along with their media sycophants are correct when they assert that Benghazi is not a scandal, for it is not. The attempts to cover it up and to promote lie upon lie is not a scandal. The lie upon which all other lies are based is not a scandal. It is a crime of the highest magnitude. It is a crime against humanity, and by definition, a criminal conspiracy to circumvent the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution and all for which it stands.

An honest and independent investigation would prove that the attack in Benghazi was the direct consequence the actions of a covert army of agents within U.S. intelligence, under the command structure of the U.S. Department of State and the White House, with the imprimatur of elected and appointed officials of both parties.

The CIA compound in Benghazi, along with the half-dozen or so related warehouses, were central into not just arming, but creating a rebel force to oust Assad much like what was planned a half-century ago in Cuba, but for much different reasons. Much like Cuba, anti-Assad rebels could never exist without outside help, both in arms and training. Benghazi also has many elements of Iran-Contra, where weapons were diverted then just as today. Much like Watergate, there is a sanctioned cover-up at the very highest levels of our government. And the now infamous finger-wagging denial of a president to an entire nation has been replaced by a ceremonious bow to a Saudi king, where we appear to be less deserving of a face-to-face denial. Instead, we are the recipients of another anatomical display of contempt—the posterior of a servant bowing deep to his master.

Evidence will show that the attacks at Benghazi were neither spontaneous nor a failure of U.S. intelligence. The claims of spontaneity attributed to an obscure internet video and the feigned introspection regarding intelligence failures are the methods of tactics of the cover-up. The video alone leads to a trail that suggests the involvement of government subcontractors, if not a current member of government, as I have stated in my previous reports. If that proves to be the case, this alone shows not just a criminal cover-up, but possible preplanning for plausible denial.

We must get to the “Foggy Bottom” of Benghazi, for the fate of not just our nation, but the world hangs in the balance.

We are engaged in a proxy war, where the stakes are the future.

Whether the Select Committee will be able to get to the truth remains to be seen. Whether the Select Committee will be able to get to the truth in time to stop the death race to Damascus, the real life game of Risk, or understand that the tripwire for World War III is Syria, which will fully and completely explain Benghazi, is a matter of life and death—ours.