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Some 2500 Americans brothers, sons, fathers and husbands died on D-Day, 70 years ago today.

Two years ago, writing in what would be his final post about that monumental day, Dave Logan reminded us as he did every year, of the American heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy and made history on that day.


“All things worth having come at a price. Freedom is certainly worth having and the Allied Nations paid dearly for it sixty-eight years ago.

Take a moment to consider the scene pictured above.

Many of the GIs you see wading through the water didn’t live but a few moments after that picture was taken. All of them had to be sick with fear; their minds racing with thoughts of loved ones back home and of the job ahead of them.

Everything we have and hold dear today was bought and paid for by the brave GIs in that picture. Think about it.”

Read the rest of Dave’s thoughtful post at his ThirdWaveDave blogsite. I like to think that Dave has met these men, and lives on for eternity with them.  Knowing Dave, THAT would have been his idea of heaven.