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Earlier today, a friend sent an email to a group of us who are planning a get-together on Election Night in November.  We’ll be flying in from all over the country to a friend’s home in the Phoenix area to watch the returns and either celebrate or commiserate. Our crowd represents all walks of life — from radio newscaster to truck driver to television director, to Christian minister, dentist, and just about anything in between.

Among us will be an experienced political savant who promises to “whiteboard” the results:

“I am working on some “cheat sheets” for election night that will help us to see upcoming committee chairs, leadership posts, etc…assuming certain outcomes from the election. We can white board the next Congress much like the RNC will be doing on election night…or we can just play charades and enjoy adult beverages…”


Because of his work schedule, one of our friends will not be with us in the physical sense, but we’re planning to FaceTime/Skype him in nevertheless. Today he sent an email in which he shared some thoughts. With his permission — and a link to The Noisy Room who beat me to it — I leave you to…

On Invasions and Coffee