The Truth About #Benghazi Timeline & References. Please Download and Share with News Media & Gov’t Officials.


02/23/1993 Egyptian cleric and spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel- Rahman, plans and carries out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.


01/19/1996 Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman convicted for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and sentenced to life in prison.


02/18/2011 US State Dept & CIA stage color revolution in Egypt. Mubarak is deposed.


10/13/2011 US State Dept funds and supports Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi to become elected President of Egypt.


05/20/2012 Morsi promises Egyptian people that if elected, the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman will be returned to Egypt.


06/24/2012 Morsi is elected President of Egypt.


06/24/2012 Morsi petitions Secretary Clinton and the US State Dept for the return of the Blind Sheikh. release/


06/24/2012 Congressional Reps from NY stop the transfer of the Blind Sheikh to Egypt.


06/29/2012 Morsi supports and expends a militia named the Omar Abdel-Rahman Brigade by freeing convicted Muslim Brotherhood terrorists from Egyptian prisons. 1.1105056


06/30/2012 The Omar Abdel-Rahman Brigade, hosted in Benghazi Libya to train and secure the assistance of Ansar al-Sharia (al Qaeda in Libya) to assist in upcoming operations.


06-09/2012 The Rahman Brigade conducts numerous IED and other terror attacks on US and western interests in the Benghazi area. and


06-09/2012 The Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi has no US security force. It is guarded by unreliable February 17th Martyrs Brigade members.


09/09/2012 Ambassador Chris Stevens is sent to Benghazi without a security detail. and


09/10/2012 A large and violent protest is orchestrated at the US Embassy in Cairo. It has been organized and led by the family of Omar Abdel-Rahman. The protestors demand that Morsi fulfill his campaign promise to return the Blind Sheikh or resign. The protesters believe Morsi when he tells them that America reneged on the promise of his return. The protesters breech the embassy walls and damage the facility. There is no discussion of an anti-Muslim Youtube video related to this protest. The original video of this protest has been preserved. american-movie-freedom-of-blind-sheik-the-goal/ in-cairo-not-benghazi/


09/11/2012 The attack on the Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi commences. It is led by the Rahman Brigade with the support of Ansar al-Sharia. The February 17th Martyrs Brigade abandons their security posts.


09/11/2012 The Rahman Brigade leader proclaims that they have been sent by Morsi. They intend to kidnap Chris Stevens. and and somebody/


09/11/2012 Not one American is shot, hit by indirect fire or wounded by the attackers at the Benghazi compound. This would be impossible unless planned and executed to intentionally avoid American casualties.


09/11/2012 Stevens is rushed into a “safe room” along with State IT specialist Sean Smith.


09/11/2012 The Rahman Brigade gets containers of gasoline to attempt to force Stevens out of the safe room with smoke.


09/11/2012 CIA Annex GRS special operators disobey direct orders from the station chief and Langley to not attempt a rescue of the personnel under attack at the compound.


09/11/2012 All US Military QRF assets in the region are ordered to stand-down and not attempt a rescue mission of the Ambassador or other personal at the besieged compound. Two flag level operational commanders that refuse to obey this order are relieved by the Pentagon.


09/11/2012 Chris Stevens and Sean Smith become separated from the other State Dept personnel trying to escape the fire set by the Rahman Brigade. They die from smoke inhalation.


09/11/2012 All personnel at the compound are rescued by the CIA GRS operators with the exception of Chris Stevens and Sean Smith.


09/11/2012 The Rahman Brigade observes the GRS rescue of the State Dept personnel. They may be unaware of exactly which personnel are rescued and may believe that Stevens is still alive.


09/11/2012 The CIA Annex in Benghazi comes under repeated attack by the same perpetrators who attacked the State Dept compound. The attackers may believe that Chris Stevens has been transported to the Annex during the GRS rescue.


09/11/2012 During the attack on the Annex, repeated calls for QRF and combat air support are ignored. No US Military assets are deployed to rescue the dozens of US citizens besieged by hundreds of attackers.


09/11/2012 Former USN SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are killed by mortar fire defending the Annex. There are several others seriously injured.


09/11/2012 An American fitting the description of Chris Stevens is found in the rear of the Benghazi Compound by members of Ansar al Sharia. He is transported to the Benghazi hospital and is pronounced dead.


09/11/2012 With Stevens confirmed dead, the attack on the Annex ends.

*** NOTE ***

Every event stated above can be confirmed in the Benghazi Select Report and the associated references and/or witness statements.


09/11/2012 President Obama was in what many considered to be a tight reelection race against former Gov. Mitt Romney. The truth about Benghazi could have easily changed the outcome of the election. They had to prevent the voters from ever knowing that a militia formed and supported by Morsi, the Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader that the US had installed in Egypt, conducted an attack against our State Dept compound and CIA annex in a failed kidnapping attempt of Ambassador Stevens.


09/11/2012 While the attack against the CIA Annex was still ongoing, member of Obama’s inner circle (Rice/Rhodes/Brennan) concocted the story about an anti-Muslim Youtube video being the cause of the attacks in Benghazi. They worked with CNN to alter the narrative of not only the Benghazi attacks, but also to create fake interviews of protesters in Cairo and Tunisia. They also promoted the false narrative of a protest in Benghazi against the Youtube video as spinning out of control. It was all a lie. The anti-Muslim Youtube video had never before been seen in Cairo, Benghazi or Tunis.


09/12/2012 The members of the Congressional Select Intelligence Committee were briefed on both the actual cause of the attack and the cover-up. Both GOP and DNC members. Not one of them broke ranks with the President. and


09-12/2012 FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director David Petraeus were not included in Obama’s inner circle and were not told about the true reason for the attack (the believed betrayal of the US with regard to assurances by the State Dept that the Blind Sheikh would be returned to Egypt following Morsi’s election).


09/24/2012 Petraeus sends an investigative team to Benghazi to try to ascertain the truth. and


09/24/2012 Comey sends an investigative team to Benghazi to try to ascertain the truth.


11/09/2012 Petraeus is compromised by a Ms. Paula Broadwell (a senior military officer and asset of the FBI counter-intelligence community). He is forced to resign. The report regarding his investigative efforts in Benghazi disappears and John Brennan becomes the Director of the CIA. 2230824/David-Petraeus-CIA-head-quits-DAYS-Benghazi-hearings-FBI-probe-massive-national-security-threat.html and


11/15/2012 The FBI investigation is halted and the report ordered by Comey is either never produced or disappears. In either event, it never becomes part of the Select Committee Report on Benghazi. and


06/20/2013 President Obama loosens restrictions on the unmasking and use of NSA intercepts and phone transcripts. A team lead by now National Security Advisor Susan Rice commences monitoring of all personnel with knowledge of the Benghazi attack.


07/03/2013 President Morsi’s inability to deliver on his promise to return the Egyptian Spiritual leader, the Blind Sheikh, results in him being overthrown by protesters supported by General Sisi of the Egyptian military. Morsi is jailed pending trail.


08/06/2013 John McCain & Lindsey Graham are dispatched to Cairo to ensure that Morsi and his family are assured of US continued support as long as they never speak of the true reason for the attack against the US facilities in Benghazi.


04-17/2012 – 04/30/2014 Gen Michel Flynn is Director of the DIA. In this capacity, he has access to all intel regarding the attack on Benghazi and the subsequent sacking of Gen Petraeus. and obama/article/826593


04/12/2015 Wealthy businessman and potential Presidential candidate Donald J Trump becomes friends with Gen Flynn. Trump becomes very outspoken against President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton with regard to the Benghazi attack and cover-up. and video-shows-clinton-laughing-over-benghazi-flames


04/23/2015 Surveillance is commenced by the White House on both Donald Trump and now retired Gen Michael Flynn.


06/16/2015 Donald Trump announces his candidacy for President of the United States. The debacle and follow-on cover-up are central to his initial campaign. and