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This article was written by “#TrishTheDish, Founder of USNewsCorps. It was published at Medium.com on May 8, 2017


As news delivery continues its paradigm shift away from mainstream media coverage to independent web-based sources, George Webb’s YouTube series is building considerable momentum. In six months’ time, Webb has grown his viewership to 26K subscribers and millions of views. In the process, he has amassed an army of volunteers including amateur and professional investigators, researchers, whistleblowers and former law enforcement officials who continuously feed him primary and secondary sourced data. George follows the money, skillfully piecing together a collage of people, places and events in an indisputable fact pattern that leads the follower on a journey through a gruesome and deadly web of corruption permeating every facet of our global leadership structure.

Pursuing this kind of investigation has proven to be a dangerous undertaking for those who dare ask tough questions or associate too closely with those that do. The system is structured in such a way as to ensure that any obstruction can be easily dispatched through an organized program of bribes, harassment, blackmail and assassination — something even the CIA’s covert operations private contractor Stratfor remarked upon in a Wikileaks email. We continue to see journalists and whistleblowers such as Jeffrey Sterling jailed at unprecedented rates, highly orchestrated smear campaigns using mainstream media presstitutes to destroy reputations (think Gary Webb and Julian Assange), businesses and assets seized (Kim Dotcom), individuals marginalized (Steve Pieczenik) and, at times, assassinated (Michael Hastings). Not ones to limit themselves, the CIA gives the same treatment to those who closely associate with high profile targets such as Wikileaks’ Public Relations representative, Trevor Fitzgibbon. As the Presidential primary heated up in 2015, allegations of sexual harassment led to charges which the U.S. Department of Justice formally declined to prosecute in April. But, Fitzgibbons had already been forced to close his business, so such an operation would be considered a success in destroying its target.

Outrageous as it may seem, there is abundant official documentation of the CIA’s criminal activities both at home and abroad. We just don’t hear about them because they’ve fully infiltrated the media and in 2013 the Obama administration made the use of propaganda officially legal (though they’d already been at it for decades). Official testimony shows that CIA uses all methods of assassination including poison frozen darts that induce heart attack (melt on impact, but degrade quickly to avoid detection in an autopsy) and now, thanks to Wikileaks, we know that the agency is capable of electronic car hijacking.

In fact, in a clever Public Relations move, the CIA switched from using the term ‘assassination’ to the more euphemistic ‘targeted killings’ — which is the very definition of ‘assassination,’ mind you. But the CIA doesn’t stop at high-level intrigue, either. They spend billions of your tax dollars doing things like overseeing programs that target social media accounts for deleting content that questions official narratives (as has happened repeatedly to George Webb), suppressing engagement, and suspending accounts (take me, for example).

Folks like Webb and his many contributors are frequently targeted by every level of law enforcement – agencies that are actively facilitating the corruption he’s investigating. Law enforcement plays a critical role in executing the financial heists of the uber-rich in broad daylight. More than 50% of the U.S.’s annual discretionary tax budget (about $600B) goes to our ‘official’ military operations. That’s psychotically insane, in and of itself. But that’s only the half of it. Department of Defense covert operations spending is estimated to be in the Trillions of dollars — operations expressly designed to disrupt nations around the globe with psychological, economic and hot war, in turn, manipulating those markets for the Elite financiers to cash in. And these operations are not only for export. They’re routinely used on Americans.

The Awan brothers piece of the corruption saga begins in 2005 with a few Pakistani Muslim men in their early twenties who, with help from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, find their way into jobs on Capitol Hill in the Congressional IT department, ultimately working for a total of 31 Democratic Congressmen. Despite links to Hezbollah, the Awans were given top secret security clearances issued directly by the Obama White House (which gave them access to our nation’s most sensitive information), and salaries two to three times those of their office peers despite a rare presence in the office.

Fast forward to February 2017 when, after bringing several more Awan family members onto the Congressional IT payroll, a string of houses, failed car dealerships, a computer hardware business, numerous bankruptcies, and a police report filed against them by their stepmother that includes accusations of spying, threats and being held captive, the Awan brothers were abruptly fired for . . . hacking Congressional computers. Shortly thereafter, they became suspects in 20 Congressional office break-ins whereby computers and hard drives were stolen and, in a move reminiscent of the scandal around Huma Abedin’s laptop, the Awans were forwarding everything they could access to an offsite server. Stunningly, no arrests have been made and the brothers appear to have fled home to Pakistan.

Though a grand jury was convened shortly after the firings and break-ins, the Awan investigation quickly ground to a halt under the auspices of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who, himself, is heavily implicated in the crime network, according to Webb’s research. FoxNews initially covered the story but, true to form, the mainstream #FakeNews press is otherwise completely ignoring what purports to be the largest spying operation in history to infiltrate our nation’s most sensitive communications — a network that ensnares officials at the highest levels. And so mainstream media works frantically to distract us with France’s election, Russia and Trump’s taxes.

Webb’s commitment and tenacity, together with his army of supporters, are serving to build the historical record of a criminal enterprise the likes of which most of us could never have conceived. His is part of the larger movement to dismantle our wholly corrupted system once and for all — a movement that has finally had the time it needed to reorganize for achieving critical mass. Reform-minded brethren are setting aside policy differences and reaching across party lines to build a new, and just, system that will allow for the healthy debate of effective solutions to the issues of the day. And we do that, in large part, by understanding what we are up against. That’s where folks like George Webb and his digital army come into the picture. As for the rest of us, it’s our jobs to overwhelm mainstream media propaganda with truth by sharing content like his widely . . . and relentlessly demanding justice.

We’ve got this.

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