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This article was written by Trish the Dish and published on Extra News Feed.com on May 28, 2017.


Beranton Whisenant, Jr.

Accidental Journalist Webb has taken his investigation on the road full time and is blazing a trail across the Washington D.C. area. More recently joined by fellow journalist Jason Goodman, Webb’s investigation has taken on a new sense of urgency since private investigator Rod Wheeler exposed obstruction by DC law enforcement to solve the Seth Rich murder case. In another deeply disturbing development two days ago, Beranton Whisenant, Jr., a Miami federal prosecutor, was found tumbling in the surf of a Hollywood beach, dead of an apparent head wound. Nothing was taken from him. No word on suspects or motive not to mention that killings of federal prosecutors are extremely rare.

Yet more disturbing is that Whisenant just so happened to live in the same district where the DNC fraud lawsuit is being litigated and the parties to the suit are currently awaiting a Judge’s decision on the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss. It is also the same district represented in the U.S. Congress by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who recently threatened the Capitol Police Chief for holding evidence gathered in an investigation into Wasserman Schultz’s IT staff. The video is chilling in which she warns ‘there will be consequences:

Meanwhile, Webb and Goodman have taken Capitol Hill by storm, methodically visiting key people and locations in the extortion ring, as well as notifying the many members of Congress who have been kept in the dark regarding the case, thus far. At the same time, Ivy-league trained husband and wife legal team Elizabeth and Jared Beck, are currently suing the DNC in a case which, despite being among the most consequential in our country’s history, has received exactly zero attention on mainstream media. Superheroes in the Political Revolution, the Becks argue the DNC defrauded Sanders’ supporters of donations with a pre-determined outcome despite repeated public assurances that it ran a neutral process. In a truly astounding move, the DNC argued during the hearing on its recent Motion to Dismiss that it has no obligation to run a fair primary despite what its charter says and despite the fact that tax dollars are used to collect the ‘votes.’ Zach Haller beautifully summarizes the implications of the arguments in this piece.

In the face of rapidly unfolding events, Webb and Goodman interviewed Jared Beck this week and uncovered some important clues and connections in the two-part conversation but also made the explosive revelation that Wasserman Schultz likely intercepted communications between the Becks and parties related to their case (a.k.a., spying):


In all likelihood, Wasserman Schultz was using the same tools and methods to spy on the Becks as were already in use by the Awans on Capitol Hill. The brothers are believed to have been operating a massive spy ring in Congress used to extort money and favors from officials. Spyware was installed on Blackberry devices that would then automatically forward all emails and notes from meetings to a synced laptop or other server. Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller broke the Awan brothers’ story back in early February when they came under criminal investigation for hacking. Since then, the Awans have become suspects in twenty separate Congressional burglaries in which servers and other equipment was stolen. On May 22nd, Rosiak reported the Awans had fled back to Pakistan. Here’s a refresher on how the spy ring worked:

Along the way and with the assistance of his research army, Webb thinks he has found Guccifer 2.0 living in The Netherlands. Used as a comical ploy to build the false narrative of a ‘Russian hack,’ Guccifer 2.0 was recruited by the Deep State and Webb thinks the faux hacker will be produced shortly in an attempt to ‘prove’ the election was stolen from Hillary by hostile actors.

Also during the week, journalist Liz Crokin broke the story that Donna Brazile had complained to police and Seth Rich’s family about the investigator his parent’s hired for purposes of solving their son’s murder case. Crokin spoke to Joe Capone, manager of the bar where Seth spent the evening he was murdered, and discovered that police never questioned employees, asked for video, or came to the scene, all of which corroborates private investigator Rod Wheeler’s assertion that the DC Police were told to stand down. DNC crisis manager, Brad Bauman, went on to say that anyone who believes Rich is the leaker ‘deserves to go to hell’.

Like many other journalists before her, Crokin came under threat after exposing Donna Brazile and was forced to stop covering the story.

The pace of Webb’s investigation has picked up considerably and word is clearly getting out. Whistleblowers continue to come forward with hard evidence and the individuals trying to cover their own tracks are getting sloppy. There are just too many lies and too many crimes to cover up.

We are so close, it’s palpable. And there is no stopping us now.

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