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From the Wayback Machine… George Webb’s “No More Informants” blogsite

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Was ISIS Winning If They Are So Cowardly?

We all remember ISIS rolling in their Toyato trucks and their “captured” Abrams tanks to within 8 miles of the Bagdad airport 17 month ago, taking town after town in a matter of weeks.  Why did they seem to hit a brick wall with the in Kobani with the Kurds Peshmerga put up some resistance with a few fighters.  Mute your television if you don’t want to know the answer, but here is the truth.

The actual ISIS fighters are armed and trained through intermediaries by the CIA to conduct oil trade through Turkey.  Google Project Timber Sycamore from the New York Times if you would like all the details.  The plan was to force Obama into redeploying ground troops to Iraq, but Obama didn’t take the bait.  But how was ISIS winning so easily when they seem to be so cowardly now.  Again, mute the TV if you don’t want to know.  CIA planes sprayed the town will a colorless, tasteless gas based on Fentanyl which temporarily incapacitates most of the occupants of a town.  ISIS only had to overcome a few guards in each city they took.  Most of the Iraqi men in the towns were shot in their sleep.  Every woman, regardless of age, was raped.  The idea was to create a panic to clear land for an oil route to Turkey.

Erdogan of Turkey wanted the Kurds cleared from Northern Iraq as well, but the Peshmerga ran a successful PR campaign with the women fighters in Kobani.  The ISIS fighters settled for night raids of Iraqi policemen’s homes, again using the same gas attacks, near the oil truck route to Turkey.

Interestingly, these same techniques, gassing an area, infiltrating to assassinate and collect weapons, and then moving on to the next target will also be used in the case of civil unrest or insurrection in the United States.  Individual leaders will be taken out at first in hope of slowing the momentum of the resistance, but whole areas can be neutralized if Homeland Security wishes to do so.  Police forces have been preparing for this eventuality for the past decade with military equipment including gas masks with Homeland Security grants and asset seizures.

Paid informants conduct warrantless home searches now to identify which key leaders and dissidents need to be harassed proactively. A series of steps can be taken to disrupt their lives, cause marriage breakups, job loss, and even suicide.  There is some resemblance to the old Cointelpro harassment program of the FBI, but there are far better means to tag and track targets electronically now.

Ok, you can turn the volume back up on the TV now.